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    The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo

    No matter what mainstream media will tell you, there is nothing quite like a wedding. It is usually full of intensity and emotions which can be felt from the different [...]
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    Forever City

    Morality and limited life on this great planet can be hard to conceptualise as a full grown adult; yet alone for a teenager entering into adulthood. With a sense of [...]
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    The other side of MICF

    Easter is – for the most part – a time to rest and recover. A chance to reflect and confirm, that yes, we are all not dreaming and its April already! As Easter [...]
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    Dirty Sexy Politics

    Following today’s politics is a full time gig. From key minster spats to rebellious back benchers, there is always a new hot political story as another fizzles. And yet, [...]
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    Strictly Ballroom

    Words by: Geoff Ferres & Miss SL Photography: Jeff Busby There are movies and then there are classics . Motion pictures that don’t age (once digitally remastered), [...]
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T by LuxBite

by themoderncon in CBD

Words and Photography by Rebecca Thexton If the South Yarra LuxBite was anything to go by, I attended the opening of T by LuxBite with huge expectations. I dreamt of [...]



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