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2015 Regional Victoria Living Expo

Humans have a tendency to gather in packs. As a survival instinct this naturally makes sense; being in a pack lowers your chances of getting mauled by that Saber-toothed cat or a pack of Wolfs. As we moved away from the cave to tribes and later evolved into the mass cities of today, we still have this sense of being in a pack. Human life – as we know it in today’s terms – should be less about surviving and more focused around better living. A common question about quality of life and better living is that as humans, are we better off living in the constantly switched on cities or that of the peaceful and calming towns?

The 2015 Regional Victorian Living Expo is more than just exploring the golden opportunities of modern living away from the city. The expo will showcase Victoria’s 48 regional and rural council’s best produce, key attractions, art and cultural roots and sporting talent. Starting on Friday 1st of May and running till Sunday, the expo welcomes Melbournians of all different interest and motivation. There will be ample of information and success stories for people wanting to know more about implementing their tree change; as well with plenty of hot tips for planning the ideal weekender trip. All of this can be discovered at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, and the best part – entry is free.

On the food front, there will be interactive culinary workshops from eleven regional chefs and produces; including the likes of Matt Dempsey from Tulip Restaurant & Bar and Gladioli, Mark Mills from The Plough at Myrniong, and Mansfield’s award winning chef, Megan Knapp. The cooking demonstrations will include the art of baking country bread, creating that perfect country pie, tips in managing self-sufficient farms and steak tartare tastings.

The Regional Victorian Living Expo removes the spot light away from the big city and comes to celebrate the best of Regional Victoria. Much attention is needed in these regions as there is plenty of stunning highlights and yummy produce to experience – be it just for the weekend or a little while longer. All that is now required is a closer look, and that starts with a visit to the Regional Victorian Living Expo.

The Important Stuff

For a full list of all activities, seminars and performances at the expo, visit:

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Clarendon Street, Southbank

Friday 1 – Sunday 3 May 2015

Fri – Sat: 10am-5pm
Sun:          10am-4pm

Entry: Free.

Register online at for your chance to win a regional getaway prize

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