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Refresh of 29th Apartment

Words by: Andrew Davidson
Photography provided by WOW Public Relations

The 29th Apartment refit is by no means an overhaul of the Fitzroy Street bar’s original concept.  Nor was it intended to be.  The improvements, however, have added greater depth to the décor of this 1960’s apartment style bar which has enabled the versatility of the venue to shine through.

Creative seating arrangements and retro furniture is scattered throughout.  At the front you’ll find seating designed to replicate a New York fire escape.  At the rear, a fold away bed, which effortlessly transforms itself into a wallpapered fireplace – thereby conveniently creating space for a dance floor… it goes without saying that Austin Powers would feel right at home.

While the 29th Apartment is well established as a backpackers venue of choice on Wednesdays, it maintains a classy approach that caters for all patrons in this busy St Kilda area.

The owners clearly strive to offer a fun and exciting atmosphere.  Having designed and built much of the venue themselves, your attention will be captured at every moment.  The experience is greatly enhanced by the minor details and somewhat quirky Americana littered throughout the venue.  The menu is a pop style newspaper, which features an extensive and refreshing cocktail list, and homely games such as large scale Jenga and Connect 4 also provide further entertainment.  It is these exciting and somewhat nostalgic elements, that make 29th Apartment such an enjoyable experience for all.

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