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5 Best Takeaways for a Late Night at the Office

Words and photography provided by Menulog

Overtime. The word conjures images of gloomy fluorescent-lit offices, bleary-eyed stares at incomprehensible spreadsheets and ever-mounting FOMO as Facebook throws up pic after pic of your friends hitting the town without you. But don’t despair, overtimer: there is hope. And as usual, it appears in the form of food.

Australia’s CBDs are packed full of diverse, quality food offerings – which means, oh fortunate office rat, that there’s a veritable treasure trove of tasty treats sitting right underneath your feet. To sweeten the deal, you won’t even have to leave your desk; in the age of online takeaway, most of it will happily come to you.

Here are five options for late-night takeaway in the Melbourne CBD that’ll have you looking for an excuse to stay back late.

1. Pad Thai, Thai Culinary

Maybe we’ve seen too many movies, but there’s something about sitting with your feet on your desk, high heels off, tie loosened and eating with dodgy chopsticks from a cardboard noodle box that makes takeaway seem extra delicious.

2. Beef Bibimbap, Soolzip Korean Restaurant

It’s like a lunchbox for grown-ups! A warm bed of rice forms a canvas for crispy, colourful veges and juicy strips of meat. The egg yolk balanced on top provides a handy gauge for how good your delivery guy is – if it survives the trip intact, tip him extra.

3. Classic Caesar Salad, Gourmet2Go

You do make friends with salad – when it’s a Caesar. It may be packed full of cheese, egg and fried bread and smothered in creamy dressing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good for you. I mean, it does have lettuce.

4. Prawn and Pork Rice Paper Rolls, Soul Vietnamese Kitchen

It’s as though rice paper rolls were specifically designed for office takeaway: they’re colourful, they travel well and they’re incredibly tasty. You can also eat them one-handed while you finish that damn Mackenzie brief.

5. Panned Special Pizza, Panned Pizza

It’s greasy, it’s messy, it’s sloppy – and sometimes that’s exactly what you need. Nothing slices through stress like a pizza slathered in tomato sauce, piled high with enough meat and veges to feed a small town and blanketed by oozing sheets of molten cheese. Hide the box under your desk so you don’t have to share.

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