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Con·nois·seur [Noun] – An expert judge in matters of taste

Gone are the days when connoisseurs were old men and women who’d spent 25 years swirling wine in their glasses, holding it up to the sunlight and making that pucking sound. Gone are the days when connoisseurs were the authority of what is art with a pretentious air. Gone are the days when connoisseurs would only eat and drink at old, known institutions.

These days, everyone’s an expert. Bloggers are the new connoisseurs and that is the modern con of today. They research, try for themselves and compare the competition. They take the hard work out of your decision-making process, providing insight into the experience for the everyday person. The Modern Connoisseur is a website dedicated to maintaining an envious lifestyle. We focus on food, bars, events, art and travel.

The Modern Connoisseur is a collaborative website that utilises a variety of bloggers, contributors and photographers. If you’re interested in becoming a contributor for Melbourne, Sydney or Hong Kong and own an SLR camera, or alternatively would like to contact us in regards to an opportunity or upcoming event, please contact us at


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