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AnestasiA Vodka

Luxury vodka without the burning sensation

Vodka, you all know it. It’s that clear based liquor that is a fundamental staple located at every watering hole, pub, bar and cocktail space throughout the world. It’s possibly the first, second or third shot you had initial experience – presumably at an age we shouldn’t disclose – that left a remarkable burning sensation combined with an unattractive facial reaction. Like it or not, vodka is our friend and enemy.

The trouble with vodka is getting notice and creating prime real estate at the bar. Not only is there a wealth of known brands circulating bottle shops and bars, but also a dominant force of emerging brands ready and willing to take center stage.

One such brand of vodka that is making serious headway is luxury vodka, AnestasiA Vodka. From the design of the bottle, the type of water used and the flavours extracted; all elements have been carefully planned and tested to offer an unique vodka experience.

The bottle itself is a distinctive and beautiful feature, looking as though it had emerged from the Antarctic regions and sculptured perfectly.  The small batch brew is distilled five times, that is then filter through lava rocks and finished with sourced natural water from Bend, Oregon. The final product is exceptional smooth – without the burn – with hints of sweetness. The distilling process has being awarded 94 point rated vodka, but any conclusive and final test must be done with shots – no I don’t kid. This vodka proved to be silky smooth and quite pleasurable, be it on its own or as a mixer.

To help launch AnestasiA Vodka, Om Nom desserts catered to the brief perfectly with its take on vodka infused desserts. Macrons contain a subtle injection of vodka and chocolate pops with bursts of vodka were certainly the highlights on the food front.

The aim of AnestasiA Vodka presence in Australia is to offer quality vodka with a clean flavour profile that adds a touch of class to vodka. Melbourne, there is a new class of vodka in town and it’s ready to be poured.

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