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Quite often while blogging and reviewing food, we comment on the thoughtfulness and artistic nature of the plating of the food we’re eating. Not only is the styling important, but also the combination of colours and most importantly, flavours. Rarely do we see an event or even a venue that takes inspiration from art. Even more rarely do we see an event where art takes inspiration from food (and no, I’m not talking about Instagram!).

Morris Jones has recognised this gap in the market and has launched the Art Series in conjunction with Look Art. Every six weeks, Morris Jones will feature a new artist on its distressed brick walls that are available for purchase and the Morris Jones Food Society will do one more special tribute to a local artist later in the year.

The June Morris Jones Food Society event, Art On A Plate, played homage to artist Nycki Rozakeas; a beautiful and bubbly personality whose latest series Instinct and Tales utilises a myriad of colours, tools and techniques to create powerful and versatile pieces suitable to almost any home.

The Art On A Plate concept was both interesting and exciting – head chef Matthew Butcher created two dishes inspired by two pieces of work by Rozakeas, and Rozakeas created two pieces of art based on two dishes created by Butcher.

The four dishes of the night were an exquisite and exciting set of flavours; a deconstructed garden with a mushroom foam, melt-in-your-mouth beetroot soaked salmon, crispy pork belly and crackling in the most delightful jus (sauce) with a very creative and fun dessert of lemon curd, a salted caramel injection and bubble gum foam!

The cocktails were just as interesting with a gentle tea cocktail kicking off the evening , followed by a campari sour, a squid ink, truffle gin martini and a whiskey milkshake which was so, so heavenly.

The Morris Jones Food Society events encourage communal dining and always result in meeting a variety of new people with interesting backgrounds and professions. With an affordable price tag ranging from$40-90 per event (depending on matched wines or cocktails), make the next Morris Jones Food Society event one that you attend.

The Morris Jones Food Society runs a special four course meal event every month with different themes. To join The Morris Jones Food Society mailing list, please click here.

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