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Bogan Bombshell: interview with creator and actress Susie McCann

Words by Scott Viney

Scott Viney: Hi Susie McCann and thank you for taking part in this interview. Now the Bogan is a creature we all know (and perhaps even love) that has successfully integrated into popular culture. Yet we all have our own perception of the ultimate bogan, what’s yours?

Susie McCann: I’m finding that a bogan doesn’t have to be drinking VB, wearing flannelette or sporting a ‘good copy’ handbag from Dolce & Gabbana that they got on their annual trip to Bali.

The ultimate bogan doesn’t change the way they talk or dress to impress anyone – likes to keep it simple. May not always get it right but will laugh it off if wrong.

SV: The characteristics of ‘Janeen from Clarinda’ are really appealing. I envision she has this unexpected self-starter attitude, entrepreneur streak and a blinding true flair to save her man. Is it love or the will of the bogan?

SM: Janeen has dated many a man as you will find out so with her hubby Johnno, it really is love. #boganlove

SV: I didn’t even know that Aero Bars was still a thing! What’s Janeen’s appeal with this sweet delight?

SM: Janeen’s parents, Janice & Jase, were Aussie battlers who met out on the line at the Cadbury Factory at Ringwood. It was love at first bite.

Janeen from Clarinda

SV: What was the inspiration behind Bogan Bombshell? Was it the case of too many encounters with bogans or the utter joy of being able to perform as a #fullybogan?

SM: Well I was asked to do a 5 min spot at a bowls club in Caulfield called Burlesque in the Burbs about 5 years ago. But, I didn’t do Burlesque. The brief from the producer was ‘just make it fabulous!’ So, I did! “Janeen” does bad Burlesque. I had toyed with other characters in my early 20’s and they were also bogans. I liked this idea and incorporated Burlesque and living in Melbourne to “Janeen” and it just took off from there. Janeen is the kind of gal who loves living in the suburbs, and not at all ashamed of the way she speaks, dresses or behaves. And that bogans are people too. Come see the show and you’ll definitely see that all of us can relate to Janeen!

SV: How did you find the role of managing the different hats (Susie McCann had directed, produced and wrote Bogan Bombshell) of when bring all the ideas that is now is Bogan Bombshell? And are you your toughest critic?

SM: I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a challenge to manage all things Janeen. I’ve been developing her for the last 5 years and when you create something of your own you can become very protective of it. And find it hard to ask for help. But I have been slowly doing that and it’s helped immensely!  I have been very privileged to work with some fantastic Melbourne song writers including David Peake, Greg Mason & Matt Fennell. And yes, definitely my toughest critic, and that’s ok.

Susie McCann

SV: ‘Janeen from Clarinda’ has been spotted in Fitzroy and soon to make her mark on Smith Street and in the CBD. What will the audience least expect from Janeen?

SM: Well I can’t give away that! Come along to the show on Saturday night and all will be revealed…well not all..Janeen’s a classy chick.

SV: And finally, do you think we all have a little bogan inside us?

SM: Yes! I definitely do! #bogansarepeopletoo

SV: Susie, thank you very much.

For more information about Bogan Bombshell and to purchase tickets please click the following link.

The important stuff

Tour dates
Saturday 7 November @ 8pm
Venue: The 86 Cabaret Bar, 185 Smith St, Fitzroy
Tickets: $20

When: Friday 20 November @ 8:30pm
Venue: Ruby’s Music Room, 132 Lt Lonsdale St, City
Tickets: $25 Full / $20 Conc & Groups 6+

When: Wednesday 2 December to 6 December @ 7pm
Venue: The Butterfly Club, Carson Pl, City
Tickets: $32

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