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Another Bright and Sandy day

Green Point, Brighton

Sunday 3 March 2013

A Melbourne Food & Wine Special Event

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Miss SL:
“It was quite possibly the most glorious weekend that any food lover could hope for – The Melbourne Food & Wine for 2013 had kicked off on the Friday and the weekend was perfect. Mr LB and I had been to The Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar earlier in the day and I had since spent the early afternoon with some friends at the NGV. Desperate to take advantage of the festival, I had suggested that we take the car down to the Bright N Sandy Festival, as I’d been there last year and it was lots of fun!

We arrived and the band was in full swings with young and old enjoying themselves in the sun. After walking around a bit we decided on getting some sliders at Sebastian’s Food & Wine which were just yum! The sliders were $8 each and worth every penny. I had a chicken, lime & coconut slider and it was really out of this world delicious! The chicken seemed to be poached as it was incredibly tender.

By Sebastian’s Food & Wine: Left: Wagyu Beef slider, Right: Chicken, coconut & lime slider

I was craving one of those potato twirls that are really popular at the Suzuki Night Markets, but the line was long and apparently there was a wait time of 20 minutes! I instead opted for some gyoza from a nearby Japanese stand.

I was still hungry and after walking around, I ended up back at Sebastian’s Food & Wine for round two: Vietnamese Pork Roll Braised pork belly w coleslaw, pickled vegetables & hoisin [~$10]. The pork belly was tender and fatty, but it really hit the spot and my belly was satisfied for the time being.

By Sebastian’s Food & Wine: Vietnamese Pork Roll Braised pork belly w coleslaw, pickled vegetables & hoisin

As we were walking along, we ran into Emilio from The Grosvenor Hotel who gave us a pizza making course recently. He seemed to really be enjoying the day! Feeling that we should support those we know and love, my friend G had decided to order a Steak Sandwich [$8] for lunch. It looked a bit hard to eat but we were impressed that it wasn’t minute steak!

The Grosvenor Hotel: Steak Sandwich

We’d all had plenty to eat by this point and decided to find a spot in the shade and enjoy the cover bands. We settled down behind some dads who were drinking beers while their bubs played on the picnic rug. While we enjoyed the music, we noticed that some people walking around in crazy outfits were dancing near the dancefloor!

It was finally dessert time and while the others opted for baked goods by Danish Bakehouse, I went for an ice cream by Rainbows Ice Cream Parlour. It was $5 for a single scoop which seemed quite pricey, but I felt that it was worth it – the rainbow ice cream really brought my inner child alive!

By Danish Bakehouse: Roasted almond and conserve danish

By Rainbows Ice Cream Parlor: Rainbow Ice Cream

Overall the festival was really fun. The weather was lovely, the atmosphere was vibrant and people of all ages were having a great time. The Bright N Sandy Festival was a huge success and exceeded my fond memories. If you’ve never been, make sure you mark it in your calendar for next year!”

Final thought: “Fun for the whole family”

Food in pictures

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