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Feeling Bright N Sandy

A Melbourne Food & Wine Special Event

It was a gorgeous Sunday when we (Mr LB & Miss SL) decided to pop by the Bright N Sandy Festival held along the Esplanade down in Brighton. Having previously been to numerous Mordialloc Food & Wine Festivals (next one 19-20th March 2011) we had high expectations for this festival to match in size and grandeur. We paid our $2 gold coin entry and immediately liked what we saw – although the layout was a little smaller, the stalls were much cuter looking in their little beach-house get up.

We were starving by the time we arrived at the festival and opted for an unch experience. We only made it halfway through the stalls before we decided to turn back and picked up food from the Kuche Inspirational Food stall.

Kuche is known for having a different take on food – they consider themselves innovators and do everything from take home menus, cooking classes to even homewares. We ordered the Lentil + Vegetable Disko w/ Tomato Chutney [$6], Potato Salad [$4] and Caramel Macaron [$3] to finish.

Lentil + Vegetable Disko w/ Tomato Chutney

The salad was creamy and had lots of dill and rosemary throughout it, giving it an excellent flavour without being too overpowering. It wasn’t as starchy as we expected and perhaps didn’t fill us up as much as we would have liked. The Lentil + Vegetable Disko w/ Tomato Chutney was light – it broke away easily with a fork and contained much more vegetables (carrots etc) than we’d anticipated. The macaron was far too tough compared to what we expecting and use to, which was a pity because the ganache was tasty and the biscuit was chewy.

Caramel Macaron

Hmm. The food was over. And we were still hungry. It was a warm day and beverage was required to soothe the beckoning in our bellies.

True South Cider

We opted for the True South Cider [$5] and immediately noticed the almost wine-like base that it had. Sure, there was apple, but the beverage was sweet without overdoing it on the fruity flavours.

Wagyu Beef Burger w/ caramalised onion, tomato, rocket + beetroot relish

Next up, we went to Ludo, the Good Food Store. The line was massive, but the look of the food made it too good to pass up- especially for a day festival with minimal cooking facilities. We tried to order the Leigh Pratt’ Porthouse Steak Sandwich  w/ caramalised onion, tomato, rocket + mustard mayo [$9] but they were sold out, so we opted for the Wagyu Beef Burger w/ caramalised onion, tomato, rocket + beetroot relish [$9].

As expected, the wagyu burgers were small, but juicy. The caramelised onion was beautifully cooked and added a sweetness to the dish. Unfortunately neither of us got much of the beetroot relish, which was a real shame because it looked so good.

For dessert we headed down to the stall held by The Baths, Middle Brighton. We were really impressed by the presentation of the food here.

We ordered the Vanilla panacotta w/ berry compote [$5]. The panacotta was light, clean and refreshing. The vanilla bean flavour was striking without being overpowering. The compote was made very well – the berries were fresh and sweet, complimenting the vanilla perfectly.

Vanilla panacotta w/ berry compote

Overall the Bright N Sandy Festival was definitely a great way to spend the day – not just for singles and couples, but also for the whole family. The quality of food here was exceptional given the circumstances and there were fun activities and performances throughout the day. Junior Masterchef contestants kept the kids entertained with their recipe demos, and top local chefs shared tips and tricks in the kitchen. We would definitely recommend coming here if you haven’t already been.

Final thought: “Quality Festival Food”

Food in pictures

2 Comments on Feeling Bright N Sandy

  1. Hi Brunch Addict

    Great post and top photos.

    We have just arrived in Melb from London and are in the process of getting our blog off the ground. I was wondering if you could check it out and let me know your thoughts on anything that jumps out at you that we should change?

    We are also on twitter – if you care to follow?



    • Hey Sharking4chipsanddrink,

      Welcome to Melbourne! We hope you find our dining and coffee just as exciting as back home to discover!

      We’ve added you on twitter (or so Mr LB tells me) and look forward to hearing your thoughts. We thought your blogs are well written and researched, but as Mr LB and I decided before we started our blog earlier this year “people eat with their eyes”.. or at least we do when we’re searching for a place to eat / drink 🙂

      We look forward to reading more of your posts! Keep up the great work, it looks like you’re already well versed in where’s trendy to go in Melbourne!

      Mr LB & Miss SL

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