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Bring out the Top Shelf

Booze – like many other products – ranges from the good, the bad and the top-shelf. We all know what bad taste like. There has been plenty of experiences drinking cheap drinks at shady establishment and suffering the consequences the next day. But thankfully we have all grown up a little. Here at The Modern Con we says no to drinking dismal quality spirits and yes to the good stuff. As we know a lifetime of hangovers is better matched with high quality booze.

Reaching the top-shelf of booze is the summit of any appreciative drinker’s mountain. Sorting out the rubbish and unnecessary ‘hot air’ marketing of the spirit world is the aim of the game. And yet, finding the pointy end is easier than you might imagine. For on the 16 and 17 July the Royal Exhibition Building plays host to the annual Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Festival.

Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Festival aims to provide a perfect setting to incorporating fun, education and free samples of exceptional beer, wine and spirits. From 12pm to 7pm (Sunday trade closes at 6pm) there will be plenty of offerings of unique cocktails, tastings of the best booze and is complemented with fantastic food offerings. With 60 stalls operating and a strong list of features and talks, there is plenty of opportunity to be your own connoisseur when it comes to drinking the good stuff.

The Important Stuff

What: Top Shelf Festival/Australian Drinks Festival
When: 16 – 17 July 2016 12pm – 7pm
Where: Royal Exhibition Building
Price: $50 entry fee
Expect: Bring out all the top shelf alcohol under one roof

More information can be found here. To purchase tickets click here.

Words by: Scott Viney
Images by: Sourced from Top Shelf Festival website

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