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Brunswick Music Festival: The Raah Project

The depth of Melbourne’s music is quite phenomenal. While on the surface the sound can seem ‘samie’ as majority of radio stations play a very similar sound; but it’s underneath this ‘commercial’ element that the true diversity and talent flourish.  Melbourne’s musicians, singers and song writers possess this burning desire to reshape the listener’s perception and expectation.

Unearthing such talent requires more than just opening a Spotify account and hoping for trending notifications. Its music events like Brunswick Music Festival that opens the doors and offers a crowd to experience something truly unique and just maybe – life changing. From the 15th to the 20th of March, Brunswick Music Festival will play host to some unique bands and performers from Melbourne and around the global.

With a strong subsection of acts that have found their way onto this year’s bill – including Sudan/USS singer Alsarah & The Nubatones, Australian Indigenous group Djuki Mala and Irish band Moxie who embrace a combination of jazz/progressive/world sounds – determining the right gig can be particular hard. Whether taking on a board and detail investigation of bands or randomly selecting five bands and committing to one, there is one band on this year’s bill that deserves some underlining attention – The Raah Project.

The Raah Project is the formation of Violinist Tamil Rogeon and Singer/Rapper Ryan Ritchie from the band True Live. This duo draws inspiration from jazz, hip hop and contemporary classical that isn’t looking to seamlessly merge a uniform sound – but quite the opposite! The Raah Project sound battles between the strong genres – like one great musical tussle – to bring a motivating, complex and yet deeply satisfying experience. The idea of having an orchestra with soft rap lyrics pushes established perceptions out the door. Performing this Thursday, The Raah Project will feature a 16 piece orchestra consisting of electronics, horns and string quartet and will be performing selections from the groups critically acclaimed albums ‘Take Me Elsewhere’ and ‘Score’.

The Raah Project is ideal for a Thursday night gig with music-goers having the opportunity to get lost in the soothing yet multiple dimensional sound. It will be an experience that no doubt be unexpected for a first timer, yet rewarding as the band takes you on a journey that goes beyond the norms of today’s music.

The Important Stuff:

When: Thursday 17 March
Where: Estonian House, 43 Melville Rd, Brunswick West
Time: Doors open at 7pm, The Raah Project onstage: 9.30pm [Support from Tanzer]
Price: $27
What to expect: When rap meets a 16 piece orchestra, a new music baby is born.

The full program of Brunswick Music Festival can be found here. For more information please click here.

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