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A little French inspiration – By Josephine

Words by: Miss SL
Photography by: Brunch Addict

It’s hard to miss the pristine white French cafe which blinds those going by on Sydney road. Surrounded by grungy stores which haven’t seen a makeover in over a decade, By Josphine glimmers invitingly, beckoning you to come in. It could easily be mistaken as a bridal store were it not for the giant teacups perched on the windowsill.

When entering through the doors you feel as if you’re being transported to a boutique macaron store in France. The walls are beautifully paneled and the counter window case immediately draws you in. Macarons lay seductively in every color of the rainbow. Rosewater, salted butter caramel, black sesame, jasmine blossom – even foie gras for the adventurous. Josephine Acker Tuil is the woman behind the name and through a deep passion, this non-professionally trained chef has made a strong name for herself in the patisserie scene. Runner up in the 2010 Melbourne’s Best Macaron competition, Tuil is an inspiration to budding chefs everywhere. Hard work (and talent, of course), will get you anywhere.

Having sampled a salted butter caramel macaron, a chocolate and raspberry tartlette and chocolate moulleux w/ salted caramel heart we can vouch that the treats here are good – really good! The macaron was beautiful; the snap of the macaron biscuit as teeth penetrated the surface, followed by a succulent biscuit rich with flavour reveals a beautifully sweet centre.  The chocolate raspberry tart had a perfect, evenly cooked savoury base with a gooey, rich chocolate-raspberry ganache filling. This tartlette was made to have with a coffee in hand.  The salted caramel moulleux could only be likened to a fondant; cupcake-like in structure.  It was incredibly moist inside with a bursting centre of beautifully prepared salted caramel.

Sitting in By Josephine immediately adds a little bit of opulence to your day and is perfect for that mid-morning or afternoon coffee catch-up. If your looking for a little boost, let the French show you some hospitality.

Opening Hours:
Wed – Sat: 9am – 5pm
Sun: 10am – 5pm

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