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Express lunch at WTC Wharf: Byblos

‘And your time starts now.’

It’s a chilling feeling when you hear that statement. The pressure builds and there is a sense of urgency – as if there is no time to lose. Whether it’s scrambling to finish an exam or expelling great masses of energy to run to the finish line. It can also be compared to the work day lunch.

The work day lunch has significantly evolved since the 80s and 90s. The idea of a long lunch is now a luxury and being of the rarest of occasions. For the majority, a work day lunch starts and finishes within an hour. And while enjoying lunch at various vendors, cafes or restaurants; the anxiety builds with vibration sounds and flashing lights beeping from the work phone – beckoning a quick return to the office. Thankfully, the express lunch is available for the time poor professional who wants more than just sushi rolls.

On the other side of South Wharf Promenade is Melbourne’s World Trade Centre (WTC) Wharf; offering a number of premium food destinations with stunning riverside views. With spring in the air, WTC Wharf has launched their new spring express lunch menu. WTC Wharf caters for a diverse range of cuisine in a unique setting with destinations including Kobe Jones, Byblos, Man Mo and The Wharf Hotel.

While Yum Cha (Man Mo) and a Teppanyaki experience (Kobe Jones) were strong options, the Mediterranean offering at Byblos was a stand out. Byblos is located at the furthest corner of the WTC Wharf precinct, with panoramic views of the Yarra and South Wharf. The space is large but decorated well; drawing inspiration from classic and modern Mediterranean. There is an exposed brick feature wall that is complemented with strong reds and Mediterranean light fixtures creating an authentic experience. Whilst the dining layout did at times feel a little stuffy, it does cater for both group and intimate sittings.

Byblos express lunch includes a series of Lebanese platters [$49 for 2] that showcases its best offerings of meat skews, mezat, dips and salads. Once the food had arrived, the waiter strongly recommended not commencing with the dips and salad. He rightly pointed out it’s a very Australian thinking and conversely should be eaten with the meat skews and mezats. The platter composition allowed a real sense of picking and choosing to achieve an authentic Lebabnese experience.

The hommos and tabouleh salad was a fantastic palate cleanser that added further flavour to the various mezat and meat skews. The meat skewers contained two different marinade flavours and were plated with baked pitta bread, each being moist and full of flavour.

The mezat pastry offerings were the star attraction, containing various fillings and flavours and were an everlasting experience of tasting and trialing different mezat. From the spinach and ricotta to the pork and pine nuts, none of the mezats could faultier in presentation or flavour.

Lunches, be it the working or leisure kind, are an important part of socialising and celebrating the important milestones. Whether it’s a celebrating the rolling over of a new system or just because it’s TGIF, express lunches is the perfect medium. As the usual pub meal may sound attractive, why not treat the team to something more authentic and Mediterranean – Byblos has the setting and kitchen to create that experience.

More information about WTC wharf spring express lunches can be found here.

The Modern Connoisseur dinned as a guest of Byblos and in connection with Harvey Publicity. All opinions and views are true and honest to the contributor’s experience.

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun: 11:30 til late

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