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BYFork: home cooked meals to your plate

Ever wish that you had a home-cooked meal ready and waiting when you got home after a long day at work? Look no further than BYfork, who has your takeaway dreams answered!

Words by Mr LB
Photography provided by BYFork

For as long as we know it, food has always been the most essential ingredient for human survival. Food gave us the strength to fend off foes, signal to the ladies that the man could provide (oh so attractive!) and and enables us to have the energy and mental capacity to invent pivotal objects – like the wheel. Yes, since the days of the ‘hunter and gatherer’, food has always been the true fabric that binds communities together. At the end of each day food was the celebration of life and so to was the act of sharing.

As we progressed throughout the ages, we became smarter and more mobile. The need for a ‘hunter and gatherer’ system has completely dissolved as we swap our spears for wallets and horses for cars. Gathering food is now as simple as reading a recipe and travelling to the local super market where food can be found in abundance. With the easy accessibility of gathering food, we have lost – in some respect –  the community values of sharing food, recipes and ideas. There is a bunch of dedicated foodies, however, who want to bring back this engagement and sharing of food.

BYFork is a new and simple food collaboration, with a focus on sharing delicious, home-cooked meals. The process is a simple one:

  • Cooks register at BYFork and add their culinary creations. You can either be a super star chef in a commercial kitchen or a gun home-cook.
  • Foodies search the site for available food within their area to purchase a meal. The list is extensive and includes yummy items of  homemade jams, soups, mains (including an authentic Italian Lasagna cooked by nona), breads and even desserts. Foodies pick up the food, or in some instances, delivery is available.

Whether it’s a case of mixing up takeaway night or wanting some wholesome food for that next dinner party, BYFork is your avenue for something different and surprising. Made from the love of many passionate cooks, it is sure to have that homely touch.

More information about the BYFork food initiative can be found here.

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  1. Finally, a way to find healthy, nutritious, yummy meals around town. I have been waiting for an idea like this. I am a mum who loves to cook, but some of the time, I just don’t have time. Much better than takeaway!

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