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Captain Baxter: sets sail for Autumn

Ahoy Captain! The autumn seas have approached us. Expect cold and choppy seas with alluring seaside views on-board Captain Baxter’s vessel.

With St Kilda beach once again turning into a destination to only marvel the seaside views from a comfortable (and warm) distance, this shouldn’t be the time to turn our backs to the seaside drinking location. While Captain Baxter’s balcony area retires for the colder months, the Sunday session still offers a superb vibe that other inner city drinking locations would envy.

To mark the occasion, Captain Baxter has rolled up its sleeves to update the cocktail and food menu. Still expect their signature fruity and bold cocktails that momentary transports the drinker to a sunnier location; but also be prepared to explore the new crafted drinks.

Tasting some of the food, their Asian street food menu had some serious winners. The bite and share menu is reminiscent of Chin Chin quality but at a better location – not to mention the little to no wait time! They have taken classic and well-known dishes and dressed them up to give a fancier edge. Presentation of the plating is just stunning.  Think Spicy chicken peanut Spring rolls & pounded season seed dressing, scallop and shiitake dumplings with black vinegar & sesame chilli oil (three pieces) and steamed buns filled with glazed sticky beef were perfect starters whilst enjoying a few drinks.

Coconut snapper ceviche, toasted black rice, thai basil & scud chilli

Scallop and shiitake dumplings with black vinegar & sesame chilli oil

Steamed buns filled with glazed sticky beef

If the hunger level requires something more substantial, the coconut snapper ceviche, toasted black rice, thai basil & scud chilli is a complex dish with multiple flavours to play and experiment. Along with glazed sticky pork belly with mandarin, chilli, palm sugar caramel & brown rice will sure satisfy the body’s food needs. With dining options including selecting from the La Carte, indulging on their $55 set menu (minimum of four people) or the specific made cocktail menu, there are plenty of options for all occasions.

10 – 18 Jacka Boulevard
St Kilda

Kitchen and Bar opening hours:
Mon – Thur 6pm – late
Fri – Sun     12pm – late

Weekly Specials
Cocktail Hour  6-7pm -> $12 Cocktail Hour Monday – Thursday
Mon & Tue 6pm -> $15 kare kare beef peanut curry with seasoned brown rice
DIY Wednesdays 6pm -> DIY dishes $15
Snack Thursdays 6pm -> $12 fried chicken kaarage
Fridays 5-7pm -> $12 cocktail hour & steam bun slider $6 each


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