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One Pork Fat Caramel Doughnut, please

A meat lovers night of nights

Dessert can bring out the greatest emotions throughout a dinner course. Before it has even arrived there is a sense of anticipation – a crave to taste the sweet delight. When its served the sent is intoxicating, the presentation is alluring and the taste… heavenly. Even the proclaimed man’s man can’t resist.

Dessert is undeniably a fundamental dish, but would you partake in a meat dessert?

For the third year running, Jess Pryles (aka BurgerMary) presents the BurgerMary’s Carnivores Ball to Melbourne on April 4 & 5. Its a meat lovers night of nights, and while you don’t have to bring your personal steak knife, it will certainly tease your senses. As expected, the three course meal is squarely focused on meat.

So what can you expect from dessert? How’s about a pork fat caramel doughnut, finished with cinnamon and pork scratching sugar and served with baked sweet corn custard? The combination of dessert and meat is no easy feat, as pastry chef Shaun Quade from the Walker Evans Baker Restaurant Group explains, “There’s a long and varied tradition of using animal fats in desserts and pastries. When executed correctly they can make the overall dish more intriguing to eat.”

With the chef line up of Mr Casey Wall (Rockwell & Sons), Mr Gavin Baker and Mr Shaun Quade (both from  Walker Evans Baker Restaurant Group), this year’s Carnivore Ball is set to be a ripper. The event will be held at the Ormond Hall on St Kilda Road (at the Village) will bring a touch of country that will rock the socks of any meat lover. Whilst there is no need for the suit, we suggest to put on your best meat eating attire for a night to celebrate meat – from entree to dessert.

For more information about BurgerMary’s Carnivores Ball, including the set menu, click here.

Tickets are $70pp which includes three course meal and a goodie bag. Drinks are separate. Doors open at 4pm and dinner service starts at 7pm. The Carnivores Ball is held on the 4 & 5 of April at Ormond Hall – The Village. Entry is via St Kilda Road.

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