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Chimp Cop

Where bananas, condoms and donuts are not necessary mutually exclusive

The world would be a better place – perhaps we could go as far to say a safer one – if we had proper cop shows. And not just any cop show, but the ones that makes us laugh with proper action scenes and plenty of hilarious moments – think well-groomed moustache, burn outs, throwing some hoops with randoms, eating a banana etc. See today, there is too much seriousness and high-edge drama when it comes to crime stopping drama. By mashing sophisticated and detailed forensic science, constant life threatening situations, lots of blood and sexual tension that can be easily cut with a blunt plastic knife; crime TV has wrestle their way to mimic ‘life like’ reality.  But back in the 80s, sex, blunders, angry senior police chiefs and sex appeal were in vogue… no, were just plan GOLD!

Chimp Cop is the brain child of four talented Melbourian actors (Timothy Clark, Ben Vernel, Adam Knox and Rosie Vernel) that takes the audience on a fast action ride with plenty of slapstick that even Burt Reynolds would be impressed. The forty-five minute play sets the scene with a new case of a high profile murder in the big city. Fresh out of deep cover, Chimp Cop has to navigate a new world – one banana at a time – to find that murderer and save the day.

With plenty of one-liners and fantastic chemistry between the characters, Chimp Cop is a fantastic play to see this coming weekend. Seating is limited and the production finishes this Sunday, so be sure to see it before Chimp Cop leaves with a trail of smoke behind him.

The important stuff

Date: 11th – 16th of August
Time: 8.30pm
Cost: $23-28
Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne 3000
Ticket link:

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