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Words & Photography by: Jaime Chong

Over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, I finally got to experience the famous Melbourne chocolate walking tour. We went on the two hour Chocolate Taste Walk (Chocoholic Tours) which is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon learning about and eating chocolates whilst walking around Melbourne’s heritage lanes and arcades.

The highlight of the tour for me was to be able to see Melbourne from a totally different perspective (as a tourist!) and of course, getting to sample the delicious chocolate from the venues we visited.

We met our knowledgeable tour guide Kristen at our first stop, the flagship Cacao Lab (next to H&M), home to a bright and vivid selection of chocolates and pastries. The chocolate was beautifully presented, some having amazing computer generated art printed on top. We sampled the house special chocolate with hazelnut and pistachio through a silky ganache (yum!). We were also given the signature hot chocolate shot, which was rich and smooth.

We then strolled through Postal Lane towards the beautiful Royal Arcade to visit Koko Black. Koko Black is styled after a European parlor and is such a lovely spot to sit and enjoy chocolates and a coffee. Here we learnt about tempering chocolate, sampled a 80% dark chocolate and got vouchers for free hot chocolates!

No chocolate tour would be complete without a stop to beloved Haigh’s. Here we had a lesson on the chocolate production process before sampling lots and lots of chocolate. Haigh’s stores certainly do take you back to your childhood with lots of chocolate frogs, freckles and buttons to bring a smile to your face.

2Pocket Fairtrade was a new discovery for me. It’s discretely located on Little Lonsdale Street and is a store that only houses certified fair trade items. We had a sample of some of the fair trade, organic and single origin chocolates that they stock. The chocolates here were (surprisingly!) my personal favorite of the whole day with interesting flavors and textures e.g.: dark chocolate with quinoa through it!

Last stop for the day was to have afternoon tea at Theobroma – Chocolate Lounge. We were served a chocolate flourless cake and drink of our choice.
Theobroma is a place I’ve walked past hundreds of times in Melbourne Central and I’d never given it a second glance. Not anymore! I was so surprised by how good the hot chocolate and cake actually were, which made it a nice way to end the day.

So what does one get from a chocolate walking tour? Lots of chocolates to try, lessons on the different facets of producing and making chocolates, and a delightful stroll through city of Melbourne. Lots of fun and a great way to get to know Melbourne a little bit better.

Chocoholic Tours offer a wide range of chocolate tours around Melbourne. For more information or to book a tour, please here.

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