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Bring some Common Sense at 1000£ Bend

An art exhibition that plays on all of your senses

Words by Kate Iselin
Photography provided by 1000£ Bend

Photography, film, sculpture, and…gelato as art?

The Sydney-based art collective, Affectors, are launching in Melbourne with a one-night only exhibition of Australian and international artists. Entitled Common Sense, the exhibition at Melbourne’s iconic 1000£ Bend aims to unite the senses of the viewer through mixed-medium, interactive art.

Having most recently led Sydney’s culture vultures through a wandering tour of Paddington’s back alleyways as part of the Art Of Storytelling exhibit; Affectors are known for creating kooky, off-the-wall installations that promise to delight and intrigue. “Our events encourage curiosity and play, both within the audience and the artists who participate in the show,” says exhibition co-curator, Zoe Edema. “Our holistic approach appreciates the diversity and oddity of the creative journey, in what it provokes and expresses, how it is presented and the various ways in which it can engage the audience.”

Working in conjunction with artists from the Drawing Book Studio and Lizard Studio, the exhibition encompasses almost all mediums imaginable – from digital art to hand embroidery, and illustration to melting chocolate sculptures, the latter presumably provided in part by one of the event sponsors, N2 Gelato. BiC have also jumped on board for the event, promising to give attendees the chance to create their own piece of colourful, ballpoint-drawn art.

Following on from their participation in Common Sense, Drawing Book Studio will be launching the Drawing Book Academy, a skill-building and networking hub designed with young artists in mind. Drawing on the experience and knowledge of the Drawing Book Studio artists, the academy aims to inspire and promote up-and-coming creatives to the art scene at large.

If you’re the kind of person who’s always wished they could reach out and grab the sculptures they see at the gallery, or longed to add a little addition to the white space in a much-admired illustration, this is the event for you. Get along to 1000£ Bend and join Melbourne in welcoming the Affectors for their one-night only explosion of art, colour, and – of course – gelato.

Common Sense Exhibition will be only shown for one night, on the 20 June from 5:30pm – 9:30pm at 1000 £ Bend Space. It’s an exciting sensory experience bring together creative minds in sculpture, film, art, music, gelato and more. Entry is free.

More information about the Common Sense Exhibition can be found here.

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