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Digging our way to Docklands

A Melbourne Food & Wine Special Event

Harbour Esplanade, Docklands

Opening Hours:
Sat 2 to Sun 3 March: 11:00am – 3.00pm

When Docklands was in the planning stages of its life, it was dubbed as being the new city ‘it’ spot. The aim was to create a vibrant space of what now Fed Square does so successfully. The aim was to be a unique meeting place with various shops, cafes, restaurants, bars that would overlook a scenic harbor and historic cargo sheds. Unfortunately, there has been many bumps on the way and currently it has predominately been seen as a business district and surrounded by tall modern apartment buildings. While the wind situation can’t be changed, the food scene can be one factor which could inject much needed love into Docklands.  We found ourselves quickly checking into Dig Docklands, an event that is part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

We were a little surprised at the low number of stalls present, given that this event was the perfect platform to showcase new and existing eateries. With that said, however, there was still some interesting stands that we came across for the first time, including Roo Brew, Le Cirque and Platform 28. 

Le Cirque

Platform 28

As we walked around looking at the various stands, Miss SL had been swept away by the cute and retro decor of the mobile ice-cream stand – Bianco Latte. She seemed sold on the concept when she spotted the Salted Caramel ice-cream on offer. This clearly brought back memories of the delicious B&P salted caramel spread she so happily purchased at the Taste of Melbourne festival. With not a moment to lose, Miss SL, (followed by Mr LB) was lining up for a Bianco Latte home made ice cream [Kid $4, Reg $5.00 & Lrg 6.50].

Miss SL went for the two combination of Salted Caramel & Passionfruit + Lime [$5]. The flavours of the passionfruit and lime were quite a powerful combination. The passionfruit came immediately to the forefront of the palate with an undertone of lime. The salted caramel was unusually muted according to Miss SL – perhaps not living up to her expectations previously provided by B&P.

Salted Caramel & Passionfruit + Lime

Mr LB elected for Strawberry Cheesecake & Mint Choc Chip [$5]. There was no cutting corners with the flavors. The Strawberry Cheesecake had a rich creamy texture to the ice cream which was a combination of strawberry and cake base reflecting the shortcake. The mint was spot on in terms of flavour, however, as the choc chip was shredded the marriage between the two flavours was at times lost.

Strawberry Cheesecake & Mint Choc Chip

Entertainment was also provided by break dancers busting some serious moves as part of the light entertainment.

Overall Dig Dockland was smaller than expected, however, provided a  very relaxed environment where you could come with a group or loved one and enjoy the sunshine and atmosphere of docklands. Great to come and relax.

Final thought: “A quick pit stop to see what Docklands has to offer”

Food in pictures

2 Comments on Digging our way to Docklands

  1. Great photos!
    I think Docklands needed this ‘Digging our way to Docklands’ because it was pretty much like ghost town when I visited there last 🙁

    Too bad it’s only for 2 days 🙁 I wont be able to visit. *sigh*

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