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Dingo’s Bar

What makes a bar an ‘Australian Bar’? Since colonisation of Australia, we have had 200 years to explore and test the life goal of creating an authentic Australian watering hole. But the concept is never set in stone as oppose to other countries. With Australia taking on a very liberal approach to redeveloping, re-branding and restarting, the sense of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ applies strongly with old bars and pubs.

One only has to look at Garden State Hotel on Flinders Lane.  An old and classic watering-hole back in its day has recently been given a multi-million dollar polish to look exceptional savvy and sophisticated… but not necessarily Australian.

There is one bar on a mission to bring back the Australian flare. Introducing Dingo’s Bar on Smith Street, Collingwood. Collingwood is home to many historic events – from indigenous movements to gay rights – and its cross-sectional of people and influences is worth paying tribute. Dingo’s Bar aims to be a proud Australian bar that’s open to all; paying tribute to both the raw and gritty Collingwood and the vibrant re-emergence of the new Collingwood.

Owner Zack Hogan describes the ethos of Dingo’s Bar as “brings together the best of old and new Collingwood”. The bar and space is decorated with a 80s nostalgia colour scheme and a drinks list that’s Australian inspired – complemented with nibbles offerings with a little cheeky Australian humour. With cocktail names like The Passiona, Stolen Car and The Flaming Galah, it will put anyone in the mood to ‘take it easy’ and excessively say the word mate.

Beers goes without saying and Dingo’s Bar will be offering 4 Pines and Sample and Hawkers Beers, as well as local Australian wines. And for those who might be wondering, goon bags remain off limits.

The Australian pie is the centrepiece to Dingo’s Bar food menu and includes the traditional meat and vegetarian  option.  Vegans are not left behind with Dingo’s Bar sourcing hand crafted tofu pie from Chef Louie Green and brother Joel from the Tofu Shop International.

With opening night this Friday (21st of October) come down to Smith Street and have a beer with the Dingo.

Words: Scott Viney
Photography provided by Milk Bottle Projects

More information can be found here and at their Facebook page.

310 Smith St

Opening hour:
Wednesday -Thursday 5pm-1am
Friday                              3pm-1am
Saturday -Sunday         2pm-1am

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