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Dirty Sexy Politics

Who said that winning an election was a clean sport?

Following today’s politics is a full time gig. From key minster spats to rebellious back benchers, there is always a new hot political story as another fizzles. And yet, Australians can’t get enough of the political tussles that is Australian Federal (and sometimes State) politics.

With continuous dissatisfaction of political leaders since the Kevin Rudd era, making a voting decision when an election is call can be tough. Who do you choose when both options are considered bad? Surely there must be a strong swinging minority with enough hairs on their chest to take the glory of the Prime Ministership!

Enter Tom Albert & Sam Valentine; taking the political circus into unfamiliar territory. Rising out of nowhere, this duo is set for political greatness. They plan to tackle the big issues with ideas that have been dubbed by Laurie Oakes as ‘novel’, and a proposed federal budget to solve all of the current country’s fiscal woes. However, there is just one hurdle that stands in their way – getting into power. With a number of strategies being proposed, there is only one method they truly know to seize power – unbridled, sex-driven chaos.

Originally from the streets of Brisbane, Tom & Sam aren’t afraid to tackle the big issues. From Gina Rinehart’s poem on a piece of iron ore to the recruitment strategies of ISIS, there is no issue that’s left untouched. Armed with a guitar, their voices and other rotating musical instruments, Dirty Sexy Politics is a sixty minute political satire that brings the LOLS – even in unexpected ways.

So why not start your MICF with a political flair mixed with a strong dose of satire. It is after all the season to laugh.

The Important Stuff

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, off Little Collins St., CBD
Dates: Wed 25 – Sun 29 March
Tickets: $28 Full, $25 Conc, $23 Group (8 or more)
Times: Wednesday & Sunday @ 6pm, Thursday – Saturday @7pm

*Laurie Oakes in no shape or form commented on the political proposals of Tom Albert and Sam Valentine. Yet another rumour from an official source close to the action that can’t be confirmed or denied.

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