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Lavazza A Modo Mio: cafe-style coffee in the pleasure of your own home

Mr LB test rides the new Lavazza A Mode Mio coffee capsule machine to see if it has as much chop as his takeawy coffee

Words and Photography by: Mr LB

The need for coffee is a strong one. It comes in all forms and the demand is borderline addiction. Some will religiously get a takeaway whilst others require a more efficient approach – coffee capsules. This segment of the coffee industry is the current shining beacon to the alternative of going to a cafe. I was lucky enough to be invite to the Lavazza Modo Mio coffee capsule demonstration at MICE, and was provided with one of their machine to test drive. The Electrolux Lavazza A Modo Mio Premium Mio capsule coffee machine has been given a good workout  for the past two months and the results are now in.

Design & Installation
The Lavazza A Modo Mio Premium Mio capsule coffee machine is slick and beautiful. It’s small enough to be neatly tucked away but also beautiful enough to be the centerpiece in the kitchen. There is little set up required – essentially just removing the packaging, filling the water jug and plugging the machine is enough to get you started. The instructions are included but are not needed.

The best products are those which you can use simply and effortlessly. The Lavazza A Modo Mio capsule coffee machine is one of those products. By turning the machine on, two LED lights illuminate where the cup should sit with the machine button lights flashing. Once the button lights have stopped flashing, it’s simply a matter of putting the capsule in the machine and pressing the cup button on the top left hand side of the machine. You can choose to have the coffee served as ristretto (short) or long.

One of the great features of this machine is the small amount of cleaning required. Other coffee machines that grind beans require significant labour to thoroughly clean the bean bin and drawer that holds excess water. Each year requires running a cleaning solution and scrubbing internal components to ensure the machine produces a clean coffee. The only cleaning this machine requires is emptying the capsule bin when it’s full and a quick wipe down of the excess water drawer. Simple!

The milk frother is easy to use and provides a cafe quality finish. I would recommend that once the milk has finished frothing you should quickly pour it into the coffee. It did fine leaving the milk for over a minute, however it got very foamy and started to lose its silky, smooth texture.

The Lavazza A Modo Mio Premium Mio capsule coffee machine I was provided with retails at $299. This model came with the milk frother. If black coffee is your drink of choice, you can save yourself $50 by buying the model without the  frother (retailing at $249). As a price point it’s very affordable and is on par with the Breville Nespresso Citiz Coffee Machine. There are other cheaper machines out in the market but because of the relative low entry price, the focus on what machine to buy should be on the pods rather than the machine itself.

The Lavazza capsules are true to their flavour, with the tasting notes identifiable as per their trademark taste. There is a large selection of pods to try with different flavours and strength. The machine comes with a sample box – from the strongest (a high percentage of Arabica) to the decaf blend. The pods are reasonably priced around $12 – $13 mark per pack of 16 capsules. The major factor to be aware of is that the current Lavazza capsule range has a strong coffee intensity with a lower focus on fruity, crispy elements. I did enjoy, however, the Divnamente (purple capsule) and Appassionatamente (red capsule) which I found significantly smoother than the others. If you’re in the market to have a real strong coffee with fantastic consistency, this machine is for you.

On a personal level, I find the capsule machine to be a blessing in disguise when I’m under the pump at work. It’s as easy and convenient as walking to the kitchen and pressing a button. I wouldn’t say it matches my takeaway coffee but it creates a level of certainty that if I’m working late the next best thing is button push away.

Not convinced this machine is for you? Go out and have a taste-test of the coffee it produces at one of Lavazza retail stores.

To find your nearest Lavazza A Modo Mio espresso retailer, click here

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