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MOVE to Emporium Melbourne

It’s finally here! After years of industrial sounds and the heritage exterior walls supported by construction beams, Emporium Melbourne has opened its doors to the public.

Melbourne Emporium is on the forefront of injecting glamour, excitement and inspiration back into the shopping experience in Melbourne. With the GFC hitting in 2009, buckles were tighten and smarter shopping practices were adopted. Online retailers catered for this demand, and so people’s expenditure at ‘bricks & motar’ shops decline as shopping in your underwear became the new frontier.

The Emporium Melbourne layout and use of space is stunning. Occupying four spectacular levels, there is plenty of aesthetically pleasing visuals to keep you amused. The use of the internal cross sections feels like a shopping adventure and with the large walking space; its easy to be amazed by the window shop fronts from the levels below and above. From various bouquet stores to restaurants and eateries located throughout the building, its a case of  being constantly amazed.

With the impressive aesthetic of Emporium Melbourne hosting Australia’s largest designer precinct for fashion, it is the perfect opportunity for MOVE to make its mark in Melbourne. MOVE is a subsidiary of the Dick Smith brand and has the vision to change the way we perceive electronics and fashion. MOVE is not about “selling boxes to customers” as Nick Abboud, CEO of Dick Smith, enthusiastically stated. “MOVE is about bringing fashion and electronics together”.

A collaboration with Dion Lee provides an exclusive range for smart phones and tablets, resulting in soft lambs leather covers. MOVE has also teamed up with Melbourne-based fashion blogger Jasmin Howell – Friend in Fashion (who has curated her own range of stylish products) resulting in some pretty sexy electronics.

The store layout is casual and inviting; taking inspiration from the Apple and Samsung stores, but adding more life and fun to the experience. The down lights over the tables provide great lighting. You can touch, played and try everything – the way electronics should be! The range is also broad enough to ensure that you make an informed decision on your choice, as you can carefully consider a product not only for its electronic capabilities but its aesthetics as well.

There is an extensive range of head phones that suit all needs, purposes and styles – including clutches with a charging unit within the lining to charge the iPhone up when on the go -MOVE has the best electronics to be seen with. It’s technology meets style.

It’s hard not to talk about Emporium Melbourne without mentioning UNIQLO. It seems that this Japanesse brand has taken Melbourne by storm, with its fantastic basics and colourful puffy jackets just in time for winter – we too can see the connection. However, there was another Japanses store that caught our attention – Muji. Offering inspiration and often minimalist Japaneses household and consumer goods, its the perfect store to add a little touch of the Japanses lifestyle into your home. A little piece of Japan has moved into Melbourne.

More information about MOVE and its range of electronic products can be found here.

To find out the latest going-ons at Emporium Melbourne including articles, stores and events, click here.

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