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Not so Famish’d

Be ready for some great salad action on the corner of Bourke & William

Words & Photography by Mr LB

There is a Four n Twenty TV ad spot that resonates well with me. Two man’s man tradies were on their hard earned lunch break, when the topic turns to “what’s for lunch”? Tradie one looks into his container and with a disgusted face and says “rabbit food”. Tradie two replies “Me too – I think mines still growing”. Low and behold they are saved when tradie three, offers to pick up something from the shop. Moments later, they grabbed a Four n Twenty pie and all is merry. The stigma that salads don’t fill you up is quite frankly, a dated one. Today, salads are a god send to ensure office types (like myself) don’t balloon at the same rate as the Melbourne housing bubble. One of Melbourne’s salad kings within the CBD is Famish’d.

Feeding the lunch crowd healthy salads has been a dream for owner Georgia Samuel and her cafe Famish’d has been nicely tucked away at the top end of Little Collins Street for some time now. Once a lawyer at a top tier firm, she constantly found herself researching and developing salad recipes. An overseas holiday had sealed the deal, and so she went about building up her first store.  With a strong foot hold at the top end of town, she was due for expansion.

The new Famish’d is located within the newly developed lunch and shopping precinct on the corner of William & Bourke streets. The space is open and inviting with high ceilings and folding front doors. A stripped back theme of polished concrete floors and neon lights gives an edgy feel. There is seating inside, however, for a perfect summer salad nothing beats sitting out the front on the wooden decking.

It’s interesting to note that there is no chef on premise. This horizontal structure means all staff assist in all areas, from the preparation of food to service. The knowledge base that staff gain creates for better salads, as they provide handy hints for first timers and engage to be daring with the their regulars. Famish’d provides breakfast and lunch options. Breakfast items include Design-Your-Own-Muesli & Yogurt and various combination of breakfast toasties, with one most appropriately called Cure my Hangover.

Lunch is all about salads here. There is the option of designing your own salad with either a leaf or potato base. If designing lunch is too complicated for a work day, there are four pre-made salad bowls to choose from. The salads options rotate on a daily basis with traditional and daring options. There is also the choice of having a yummy warming soup during the winter period. A big bowl will cost $11 (extra deli items at $2) but it’s a substantial and healthy meal.

If you still have room after lunch, there is a beautiful selection of sweet delights to take back to the office for a 3pm pick me up.

Famish’d is perfectly located to give more life to the healthy and delightful lunching options at the bottom end of Bourke Street. And with a liquor license on the cards, it’s the perfect balance of naughty and nice.

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 7am – 4pm

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