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Food, Music and Sunday Sessions at Ferdydurke and Section 8

A Sunday session with a pop up kitchen - what's not to love about that?

Words and photography by: Helena Michalak

It’s been a little while since I’ve been to a Sunday session and after visiting Ferdydurke, I asked myself why am I not going every week?

Ferdydurke and Section 8 have the same owners and they’ve started a Sunday tradition involving two of the things I love most in life – music and food! Visit the gems tucked away in Tattersalls Lane in Melbourne’s CBD to sample food from a different pop up restaurant from noon until late. Get in quick though because the food usually runs out at about 9pm!

I went to check out Caribbean Cookout, which involved some amazing food by chef Zondelle, or Zee, as she’s known to her friends. Zee, who’s originally from Trinidad and Tobago, came out to talk us through what we were about to eat and she was by far the coolest chef I’ve ever met (sorry Heston). Even though it was only 2:30pm, the music was pumping and the first DJ had started by the time I left.

First up was Curried Goat. The last time I had goat curry was at the Greenwich Markets in London. Zee explained that most of the dishes she made were prepped days before and the goat was marinated for two days. Two days! The flavours were bold and the meat was so soft and simmered in Scotch Bonnet Peppers. Delicious flavours and the goat wasn’t gamey and tasted a lot like beef.

The Stewed Chicken was also marinated for two days with Caribbean spices, and then caramelised in brown sugar and other “secret ingredients” (as Zee told us conspiratorially) and slow cooked with carrots and simmered in a stew. The meat was so soft it fell off the bone and it didn’t even bother my friend who usually doesn’t like eating meat when it’s still attached to the bone.

The Curried Chickpeas and potatoes in the West Indian curry was also super tasty. I’ve just rediscovered chickpeas and I’m making a lot of salads, but Zee has informed me that canned chickpeas aren’t that great for you… Whoops. So I gotta get onto raw chickpeas soaked for two days, then soaked in salted water before cooking which helps to bring out the natural flavours.

We also sampled the Hibiscus Punch, or Sorrel, which is a traditional drink used at special occasions like weddings and holidays. It also takes days to make and is very high in Vitamin C and good for your blood. It was really sweet with a slight sour tang. Zee said they often add rum to it. I thought it would also be great with sparkling water.

Ferdydurke’s Sunday pop-up restaurants are well worth a visit for some delicious eats and accompanying music. Get in early for a late lunch, or duck in for dinner. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on upcoming restaurants and highly recommended cruising down and checking it out.

For more information about Ferdydurke and its Sunday events, please click here.

Opening Hours:
Sun – Sat :12pm – 1am

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