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11 minutes of FILM

Words by: Matthew Stephenson
Photography by: Marcus Leith & Andrew Dunkley @ Tate

Entering the Tacita Dean’s FILM, the new installation at Melbourne’s ACCA, is quite an experience. Stepping into the large, cavernous gallery space you are immediately struck by the size of the work. An enormous vertical screen fills the end of a pitch dark room, upon which is projected the eleven minute silent celebration of celluloid. It certainly is awe-inspiring.

The film itself consists of a montage of images, industrial smoke stacks, bubbling fountains, peaceful forests all of which are playfully manipulated and enhanced via the use of analogue, hand-made special effects. Images are mirrored, shapes are cut out and replaced, a kaleidoscope of colours pulse across the screen, and all the while the flickering sound of a 35mm film projector echoes within the enormous concrete gallery space.

Originally created for display within the Turbine Hall at London’s renowned Tate Modern, this is the first time FILM has been displayed outside the UK. And while the ACCA’s main gallery is not quite as jaw-droppingly massive as the Turbine Hall, it’s a fitting home for the acclaimed work during its stay in Melbourne. If you are a lover of modern art or an appreciator of all things celluloid, I strongly recommend stopping by the ACCA to experience this celebrated work before it leaves the country.

FILM is on display at ACCA from 10 October to 24 November 2013 and entry is free. For more info head to:

Matthew is a well-traveled movie addict and occasional blogger. He studied film at the University of Melbourne and currently works as part of the DVD team at Madman Entertainment.

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