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The Grain Store Full Moon Dinner

The full moon was shining brightly when the winter harvest was cooked, plated and consumed with much anticipation

A few Saturdays ago, it was a cold and wet winters night. As you ran for shelter in the form of a restaurant, bar or club you may have noticed the sizable and immaculate full moon beaming from the night sky. Just like Batman’s signal to jump into the bat mobile, the full moon indicated that it was time to visit The Grain Store and enjoy their Winter Full Moon Dinner.

Being only their second Full Moon Dinner, the response was positive with all seats booked. Diners were ready to enjoy fresh produce and learn a thing or two about certified organic farming and full moon harvesting.

It was a two course meal with matching wines and dessert that showcased the freshest produce; the majority of which was provided by CERES Fair Food – seasonal, organic and locally sourced. The dinner also marks the occasion of CERES fourth birthday.

CERES Fair Food purchases directly from the farm and provides Melbournians with organic food. They assist farmers in becoming a certified organic farmer and source produce from various farms; including generational and hobby farms. Each produce tells a story and it’s this story that creates a feel good dialogue of where the each of the produce was sourced from, from the apple to the zucchini.

Baked scallops, leek fondue, brioche crumbs, organic elk

Beetroot panna cotta & carpaccia winter fennel mandarin, smoked yoghurt

The dinner was also a chance to hear from the Farmer (James Sprunt) the Retailer (Chris Ennis) and the Chef’s (Ingo Meissner) position and influences, leading to their decision to choose organic foods. All speakers brought a thought provoking discussion and provided further insight to the concept of paddock to plate.

Mains to share

We unfortunately missed out on the canapes, but the presentation of each course was sophisticated and dazzling. All dishes were designed to share, with each containing deep and bold flavours. Ingo’s vision of a winter feast is prominent with the main course, containing a moist and flavoursome stuffed mushroom which was well complemented with beautiful pieces of sirloin steak, caramelised red wine onion and smoked jalapenos.

Romsey range roasted sirloin, rainbow chard, dunelle, caramelised red wine onion

Roasted winter vegetable, apple vincotta, dill

Sara’s celeriac, smoked jalapeno, white bean hummus, kohlrabi slaw, lentil sprouts

The dessert was a little disappointing due to plating. Each share plate contained three separate and distinct desserts. As we took our individual portion, it was difficult to appreciated each element and caused a mix-match of flavours. The interplay of vegetable and fruit as a dessert showcased creativeness, however the contrast occasionally caused a disconnect on the palate.

Pumpkin, gaji & pecan crumble, Dark chocolate truffle, passion fruit, green apple Mandarin & carrot meringue, orange, chia seed crisp

This unique dinner is a celebration of organic produce, learning and eating well. The dinner not only provided some impressive and flavorsome food, but instilled an appreciation for seasonal and organic produce. The night was positive and a lot of fun. Make sure you keep your eye out for the spring edition when this winter weather decides to pass.

Opening hours:
Mon – Tue: 7am – 4pm
Wed – Fri: 7am – 9:30pm
Sat: 8am – 9:30pm
Sun: 8am – 4pm

Food in pictures

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