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A welcome import from Sydney – Gelato Messina

Gelato Messina has finally opened its doors to Melbourne and we got blogger Jaime Chong to prime her gelato taste buds for the occasion

Words & Photography by: Jaime Chong

First up, I know very little about gelati (or is it gelato?). It’s cold, icy, minimal dairy and Italian. Enter Gelato Messina. Things I know about them: they’re from Sydney and now finally in Melbourne, they won the Australian leg of the Gelato World Tour, and there is a ridiculous line to get into their new Melbourne store. This stuff must be good if there’s a line outside on a cool Melbourne spring day!

Whilst in line, we were provided with a menu of the gelati available. My oh my, so many choices! There’s everything, ranging from chocolate based to fruity yogurt flavours. We were recommended the award winning “Cremino” salted caramel and white chocolate chip by the lovely girl working there.

As I prefer lighter flavours, I went for the “apple pie” (real apple gelato with house made apple pie throughout) and “yoghurt and berry” whilst my partner went for the “chocolate chip” and “cremino”. Forget lighter flavour, the apple pie was packed full of awesome flavour. It felt like a caramelised apple had exploded in my mouth! The yoghurt and berries was also very good.

I took a bite of the flavours my partner had chosen and the chocolate was lovely and rich, and not too sweet. Definitely a plus for someone like me who does not like overwhelmingly sweet sticky flavours.

I can understand why people would line up for this. The gelati is creamy and cold, with strong flavours. The variety of flavours covers the whole spectrum and offers diverse choice. The store itself is quite nice, with lots of light and casual seating for those wanting to sit and focus on the hefty portions of gelati. So, was it worth it and would I go again? Totally.

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