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Lots of gelato licking at the Gelato World Tour

Words by: Mr LB
Photography by: Gelato World Tour & Mr LB

Well, it came and went – like gelato melting in the sun. The Gelato World Tour in Carlton couldn’t have asked for a better turn out, with large presence of people milling about and lining up to try some seriously tasty gelato flavours from the 16 competitors. It was all in good spirit as each gelato artisan mixed and mingled with their opponents and the public to showcase that Melbourne – and Australia – has a strong and committed presence in the gelato scene.

Just to give a snapshot of how successful the day was, a whopping 6,000 Kg of gelato was produced, 50,000 cups and 80,000 mini-cones served. This equates to 4,200 liters of milk, 800 Kg of sugar and 1,500 Kg of ingredients used by the gelato artisans. Now that’s a lot of raw ingredients!

It was the first time the championships included the public vote to crown the “Gelato Artisans for a day”, with the final decision based 50% on the public’s votes and 50% on the technical jury’s votes.

There can only be one winner and the top three contenders have a shot to be crowned the Gelato World Champion in September 2014 at Rimini, Italy. The votes are in and the tallies have been counted, and the winners are:

  • 1st Place: flavor “Cremino”, made by Gelato Artisans Donato Toce and Simone Panetta (Messina, Melbourne)
  • 2nd Place: flavor “Mandorla affogato”, made by Gelato Artisan Jhon Crowl(Cow and the Moon, Sydney)
  • 3rd Place: flavour “Pavlova Gelato”, made by Gelato Artisan Diana Kontoprias (Frangipan, Sydney)

The other category winners were:

  • The winner of the “IFI Tonda Challenge” (in which participants must prepare two “perfect cups” weighing 60 grams) is Gino Maniaci (Vulcano Gelato, Melbourne).
  • The winner of the “Cookies® Best Taster” (in which participants must determine the ingredients in a blind gelato-taste test) is Voula Makrygiannakis (Cones, Melbourne).

Best of luck to the winners in the 2014 competition in Italy… go Aussie!

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3 Comments on Lots of gelato licking at the Gelato World Tour

  1. I was a bit surprised to see messina winning the competition in melbourne when they are the ones who work and represent carpigiani in australia. the organizer is the winner… there is a big conflict of interest.. nobody seems to have noticed it. and this all event is sounding a bit of a joke.

  2. Congratulations to carpigiani and mec3! And of course Nick & John

  3. that is true rudolph, but you did not notice 2nd place winner is also mec3 representative in Sydney…so the interests are conflicted again with mec3 being the other major sponsor. Having said that though, they would probably have won anyway. Still a joke.

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