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Gelato World Tour comes to Melbourne

Melbourne! Get your tongues ready for some serious (and competitive) gelato tasting

Words by Mr LB
Photography by Gelato World Tour

It only seemed like yesterday when the beloved gelato was loosing its strong hold. Sure, it was never going to become extinct, but the frozen yogurt movement of 2012 was massive. The novel idea of choosing your own flavours and toppings as a healthier alternative created a strong and loyal following. Like any great gladiator, gelato was not going down without a fight. With new entrants including N2 Extreme Gelato and the highly anticipated Gelato Messina making its mark on Melbourne, the anticipation for authentic gelato was rising. This year will be the year of the gelato!

No two gelatos are the same. With a strong number of gelato artisans in Australia, how does one decided who is the best? A competition of course! While not following the same practices as the gladiators, the Gelato World Tour is coming to Melbourne to crown the ‘World’s Best Gelato – Australia and New Zealand’. The winner will not only have bragging rights, but will also have a spot to compete for the World Best Gelato held in Rimini in September 2014.

The final 16 artisans have been selected and ready to compete this weekend. They were chosen by the event’s President of the Technical Jury, Guy Grossi with their killer flavours. The 16 include:

  • Donato Pace and Simone Panetta – Gelato Messina – Flavour: Cremino
  • John Crowl – Cow and the Moon – Flavour: Mandorla Affogato
  • Gianpaolo Grazioli – Giapo – Flavour: Tiramisù
  • Anna Temellini and Domenico Lopresti – Gelatissimo – Flavour: The Italian Immigrant
  • Andrea Scinardo Ratto – Brunetti Gelateria Artigianale – Flavour: Italian Flavour
  • Gino Maniaci and Josephine Colombo – Vulcano Gelato – Flavour: Vulcano
  • Mark Mariotti – 7 Apples Gelato – Flavour: Banana with Dulce de Leche
  • Diana Kontoprias – Frangipani Gelato – Flavour: Pavlova Gelato
  • Tino Tonon – Gelato Amico – Flavour: Pure Sicilian Pistachio
  • Costantino Limoncella – Il Gelato – Flavour: Mascarpone and fig
  • Martino Piccolo – Art of Gelato – Flavour: Rusty Chocolate
  • Voula Makrygiannakis – Cones Ice Cream Hawthorn – Flavour: Pistacchio Crunch
  • Plamen Milanov – Caffè e Gelato Milany – Flavour: Dark Chocolate
  • Dario D’Agostino and Vincenzo Praticò – Za’-Za’s Cucina Italiana – Flavour: Za’-Za’s Revolution
  • Min Chai – N2 Extreme Gelato – Flavour: Deconstructed Kaya Toast
  • George Pompei – Pompei’s – Flavour: White Peach

The competition runs from this Friday to Sunday and everyone is welcome. There is more than tasting gelato, with informative demonstrations about all things milk as well as the origins of gelato. But if you’re there for the gelato itself, then make sure you get a good vantage point on Sunday at 1pm for the The Gelato Messina Black Forest Cake Demonstration by Nick Palumbo. Then at 3pm the awards ceremony will be held, crowning the ‘Worlds Best Gelato – Australian & New Zealand’

So get your tongues and taste buds ready – this weekend is all about Gelato.

The Gelato World Tour will be operating on Argyle Place South (Piazza Italia) from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 October. The opening day will start at 12.30pm to 9.30pm with Saturday and Sunday starting at 11am and running all day and into the night. More information about the Gelato World Tour can be found here.

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