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The Extraordinary Shapes of Geoffrey Rush on display

See real-life artifacts from Geoffrey Rush's past on display at the Arts Centre in Melbourne, in this stunning exhibition open until 27 October 2013.

Words by: Matthew Stephenson
Photography provided by Arts Centre Melbourne

Geoffrey Rush is one of the most respected and celebrated living actors but did you know that he went to clown school? Or that he drew inspiration from early Warner Bros. Cartoons? Or that he is the only Australian to have won a Tony Award, an Oscar and an Emmy?

The Extraordinary Shapes of Geoffrey Rush, the free exhibition currently on display at the Arts Centre Melbourne, is chock full such fascinating titbits, facts and whimsical anecdotes. Tracing his life from a small school boy (there is actually a school report card of Rush’s on show!) right through to the staggering box office heights of The Pirates of the Caribbean films (including a hand written birthday note from Mr. Depp himself) the exhibition is a comprehensive look at both the personal and professional life of this amazingly talented artist.

The most impressive aspect of The Extraordinary Shapes of Geoffrey Rush is the intimate access Rush has given to his personal life. There are old family videos on display, behind the scenes polaroids from his films, annotated awards speeches, even the walls are scrawled with Rush’s own handwriting, littered with beautiful little short stories, quotes and nuggets of wisdom.

The exhibition is jam packed with trinkets, posters, souvenirs and elaborate costumes. Even the almost maze-like layout of the space evokes the sense of playfulness that is so apparent in Rush’s personality and exploring the exhibition is an absolute delight.

The Extraordinary Shapes of Geoffrey Rush is a wonderful tribute to one of the greatest talents Australia has ever produced.

The Extraordinary Shapes of Geoffrey Rush runs until the 27th October. More information can be found on the Art Centre Melbourne’s website.

Matthew is a well-traveled movie addict and occasional blogger. He studied film at the University of Melbourne and currently works as part of the DVD team at Madman Entertainment.

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