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QV Dream Tent – Gingerbread house-making class

Christmas is in the air. It’s the time of year when old fat jolly Saint Nicholas brings miracles and joy to millions of kids around the world. For adults, the time has passed (well for most) when excitement builds in running to the Christmas tree to unwrap various gifts. It’s now replaced with a multitude of catch up drinks, work break up drinks, Christmas drinks and a large amount of food consumed. While the silly season can be, well silly, there is one activity that gets any adult back in line with the Christmas cheer – Gingerbread house making.

 photo inside1_zpsb0dd29df.jpg

 photo assemble_zpse453b9ed.jpg

The Modern Connoisseur was very lucky to be invited to the QV Dream Tent to build and decorate a gingerbread house. While the process of baking the walls and roof of a ginger bread house can be very laborious and board line frustrating, Elise from Ginger Girl Treats did all the preparation. With her enthusiasm and handy direction, the night was an overall successfully for all participants.

 photo assemble2_zps3a793868.jpg

 photo final3_zpsb21ff715.jpg

With Royal Icing ready, the group began with building the walls and then speeding towards the decorative plate. Once the roof was attached, the group got their creative hats on. It was interesting to see each individuals approach to decorating their gingerbread house. Some made little veggie patches, others inscribed festive messages and some reached for the stars with roofs covered in snow and an arrangement of lollies and eatable Christmas decorative. The best part, however, was to see the Christmas cheer being interpreted in many ways.

 photo final4_zpsfd8f7ad8.jpg

 photo final1_zps2a03a918.jpg

The Modern Connoisseur wishes everyone a happy and safe Christmas and a fantastic summer break. We look forward to hearing from you all in 2014.

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