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Casking-off Good Beer Week

Another year has come and gone, and before we knew it, Good Beer Week has sprung up on us! This year is the festivals 5th birthday and what better way to celebrate it than with over 250 events hosted across 180 venues in Victoria? The festival officially kicked off on Saturday the 16th of May and will run until this Sunday the 23rd of May.

We celebrated this year’s Good Beer Week with Raven’s Brewery in Thornbury, trying some traditional, innovative and down right whacky beers by Young Henrys, Hargreaves Hill, Boatrocker and Blackman’s. The venue was bustling with punters looking to trial the wide variety of beers on offer. Brewers were manning stands taking people through the beers on offer whilst others (like myself) were sneaking in beers on tap to trial and explore myself.

The event allowed you to compare stouts with amber ales and IPAs and try different brands of beers to see what you liked; something with a lots of malt like the Ravens Imperial Stout or the gorgeous Young Henry Real Stout which was a beautiful and full bodied amber ale.

The Cadman Vs Blackman Brewery offered an almost wine-like beer that would be a beautiful combination with a white meat style dish whilst the Holgate Temptress was clearly designed for dessert, brewed with Dutch cocoa which was added into the mixture after the boiling process. This matched with a chocolate fondant would be to die for! A serve of food was also offered to punters but this was really a minor token as you couldn’t purchase more ribs even if you wanted to. It was delicious though and was better than having nothing to line the stomach.

By comparison , the Brett IPA was rich but bitter; probably suited to a nice curry whilst the Hargreaves Hill Galaxy ESB was full of hop. There was a band, too, who got into full swing with a type of music I’d never heard live before. My partner described them as New Orleans Jazz – whatever they were, they were fun and very different.

Overall, Cask Off was a fun and lively event. The week ahead is offering so, so much more so make sure you investigate the Good Beer Week catalogue of events to find something that suits you.

Don’t miss other great Good Beer Week events including…

Perfect Match Cheese & Beer [$45]: Mon 18 May 1:00pm-4:00pm, Tue 19 May 7:00pm-10:00pm, Wed 20 May 7:00pm-10:00pm
Milk the Cow has certainly made quite a reputation for itself, serving amazing cheese and wine to boot. This events sees head cheesemonger Laura Lown and craft beer purveyors Heron Tower Beverages for a tasting discovery when they match four bold cheeses with four stellar beers, and participate as they spin stories including production methods, secret ingredients and historic folklore.

Uncle Gets The Goat [$79]: Tue 19 May 7:00pm-10:00pm
If you’ve never been to St Kilda’s Uncle then you are truly missing out. Delicious Vietnamese food matched with five Mountain Goat Brews is promising to be pure heaven.

Chin Chin x Quiet Deeds: brewing up a Banquet [$98]: Wed 20 May 2:00pm-5:00pm
Think delicious tucker from Chin Chin, hosted in their delightful underground bar Go-Go, matched with five brews from Quiet Deeds.


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