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Grub – more than just a family word

Grub Food Van has dug a Hole. A foodie hole of winter surprises.

Grub is a four letter word that is all so familiar at many dinner tables. Many Mothers and Fathers around Australia have summoned their kids to taste, consume and share a pivotal moment of life with the simple statement, ‘Grub is on the table’. Grub – albeit a very Aussie term for food – is the mould that bines families and friends to communicate and share the important highlights of life.

Grub Food Van has grown from humble beginnings to something of a Fitzroy institution. Many will know Grub Food Van for its divine and raw outdoor/alfresco space. Food and drinks come out of an authentic 1965 Airstream Van and the grounds are set up like a trailer park. It’s the perfect location for the warmer months when there is sunshine and radiant warmth, but not so in the colder parts of the year. But in winter, Grub Food Van has a trump card to surprise us all – Grub Hole.

Walking pass the iconic Airstream Van lays a path to what looks like a warehouse/shed structure. Grub Hole is an expansive and airy indoor space that is decorated with indoor trees, soft furnishings, hanging lights and the exposed ceiling lined with foil; it’s a clash of quirky meets indoor tree house. The impressive simulated natural light brings the right level of energy to the two main spaces, and effortlessly brings nature and food together. With the open kitchen exposed to watch the magic, it’s an unique fit out to experience with friends or as a date night.

To celebrate the emergence of Grub Hole, I was the ‘plus one’ (thanks to The Plus Ones) to celebrate the launch of the autumn/winter menu.


Duck Liver Parfait w/ creamy polenta [$14]

Rolled Garfish w/ Pea Puree, Fennel & Celery

Pumpkin & Goats Cheese Arancini

Hot tip: Start with the Duck Liver Parfait.
For an impressive hit of high quality flavours for what is not typically chosen for entree, Duck Liver Parfait stood out as a surprising starter. Perfect for jump starting the taste-buds and priced at $14 is a steal.

If no decision can be made, then stick to the Arancini balls; a crowd favorite and also vegetarian at this sitting.


Steamed Mussels w/ Chilli, Garlic & Coriander

Lamb Meatballs in Tomato Sauce & Fetta

Roast Autumn Vegetables w/ Jerusalem Artichockes Purée & Herb labne [$15]

Roasted Vegetable stew w/ Boriotti Beans & Crispy Kale

Spiced Chicken w/ Wild Rice, Golden Raisins & Almonds

Osso Bucco w/ House Made Pappardelle

Hot tip: Try either the Osso Bucco or the Roasted Vegetable stew w/ Boriotti Beans & Crispy Kale. Or why not just have both. But, whatever you decide it must be complemented with the Roast Vegetables – a class on their own.

The various mains demonstrate the cooking talents of the chef team. Each dish excelled in taste, diversity and presentation. With sharing in mind, the mains allow dinners to experience powerful winter flavours; from the thick and juicy lamb balls to the delectable texture of the roasted vegetable stew and crispy kale.

The wine pairs were strongly complemented, being of robust flavours that worked well with the atmosphere.

While the most disappointing dish was the Steam Mussels – it personally felt that it didn’t have an exciting element of ‘Oh, I must have this’ – the produce is of a high quality and the meals will make people more than just content. Stick to the mains and a robust red and you’ll have a winning combination at Grub Hole.

87-89 Moor Street

Opening Hours:
Mon Close
Tue – Sat 8am – 9am
Sun 8am – 5pm

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  1. Glad you were able to be a +1. Still jealous I couldn’t make it!

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