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Heineken City Shapers Festival

Beer and Trains. Not necessarily the winning combination that delivers an awesome night. With an exception of a few golden moments, trains are well suited for getting to the location rather than making it the highlight. But what about a train that takes you on secret journey to an unsuspecting beer event of worldly possibilities? Now this could be exceptional.

On the 4th of August Heineken is offering fans just that. As apart of the global Heineken City Shapers Festival, fans of Heineken are invited on a special journey with a touch of Australia iconic. Starting at an iconic train station, guests will board an exclusive Heineken train before being transported to a secret location. While its unassuming exterior might paint a bleak picture, the interior will house a dynamic festival space to celebrate the most iconic green beer bottle – Heineken.

To celebrate the secret Heineken City Shapers Festival, Heineken is proud to support local street artist Apparition Media. They have designed and painted a number of unique murals that shape the way city looks and provoke a range of emotions for beer and city lovers alike.

It wouldn’t be a secret if we disclose the entire offerings. What we do know is that this unknown venue will host a swarm of unique ‘city’ experiences; from the vibe of bustling Asian cities to a trendy jazz club of New York and dazzling performances. And to finish the night off, there will be an international act to close out the event. While the details may all seem a little hazy, what’s clear is that Heinekin aims to pull off one of the highlighted parties for 2016. Bold statement indeed. But the plans are in motion and mystery is building. The question is whether you are ready to take a secret train trip to experience Heineken City Shapers Festival?

To be part of the exciting Heineken® City Shapers Festival, entrants will need to enter to win tickets by heading to the event page at To win, tell Heineken in 25 words or less which global city you would like to experience at the event, and why? 

Words by Scott Viney

The important stuff

When: 4th of August at 7pm
Where: secret, meeting place at Southern Cross Station
What to expect: a secret event with plenty of Heineken beer

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