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Hellenic Museum

Inside The Royal Mint is a bounty of Greek artifacts ready to be discovered

Words and Photography by: Mr LB

There are buildings that inspire us, move us and take our breath away. Then there are buildings which fascinate us because of its intriguing exterior – sparking curiosity of the treasures that lay inside. For me, the Royal Mint Building has always stirred my curiosity. It symbolises the old and traditional Australia, with the English arriving with their cobblestone and alleyway mentality, building important buildings with an emphasis on strength and power.

Little did I know, the Royal Mint Building is home to the Hellenic Museum. Since 2007, it has provided a strong focus on providing Greek Australians – and the larger community – an understanding and appreciation of modern and ancient Greek cultural traditions.

With the Hellenic Museum successfully creating an alliance with one of Athens top museums, spanning over the next decade, there is much to celebrate. The alliance will see the Hellenic Museum showcase a number of rare and priceless Greek artifacts including manuscripts, Greek weaponry, statues and other impressive and unique items.

Browsing the artifacts already on display demonstrates the commitment this little museum offers to Greek culture and provides a glimpse of things to come. It’s certainly a place for all ages and one to keep an eye out for in the near future.


More information about the Hellenic Museum click here

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 10am – 4pm

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