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Hophaus Bier Bar and Grill

The ultimate beer destination on South Bank

Words by: Jaime Chong
Photography by: Jesse Spezza

“Wilkommen!” to Southbank’s newest tenant: Hophaus Bier Bar and Grill. The slick new bar is a contemporary twist on the Bavarian beer hall with wide and open spaces and lots of communal seating. The bar is vast and inviting with plenty of indoor seating for a casual drink, but the best part is the outdoor balcony; super comfy benches and tables that overlook spectacular views of the city.

The bar houses an impressive range of beer and wine, mainly from the German, Austrian, Belgian and Czech regions. There are the recognised beers such as Bitburger and Budvar, and a raft of other mainstream and craft beers. The wine selection is good, with the house wine being exceptional value (and delicious!).

Lastly, what could go better with German beer than German food? Hophaus offers a vast selection of small snacks and full German sized meals. There’s sauerkraut littered across the menu and it wouldn’t be a Germanic menu without sausages! The open kitchen, including a view of the rotisserie with meat slowly smoking over a coal pit turning, is enough to entice any eater.

When I think of a beer hall, I expect lots of beer, hearty meaty snacks in a loud and boisterous atmosphere and Hophaus delivers on all those elements with aplomb. Hophaus is a welcome addition to the Southbank precinct and it will fast become a local favorite to hang out and have a couple of beers.

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