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A photo guide through Japan: Part 1

Words and photography by: Carly Hong

Japan, I’ve been told, is a country full of so many different sights and experiences to leave anyone not knowing where to look. With this in mind, I booked flights to the land of the rising sun for the first time. Our itinerary took us through six prefectures and nine different cities, each with their own style and identity.

Follow me on my mini series through my journey throughout Japan…


Osaka can probably be called the younger sister of Tokyo, with all the flashing lights and bustle of Tokyo without the sheer volume of people.

We had a one day pit stop in Hiroshima where most of the day was spent in the Peace Park. The Peace Museum was quite an experience and definitely puts a very different side forward, especially to those of us from the west.

Above: peace park memorial site for those lost in the World War II Nuclear Bombing of Hiroshima. Every year, Hiroshima receives thousands of paper cranes from all over the world (below) after people hear the story of Sadako Sasaki. They represent our prayer for world peace.

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