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Winter Cocktails – Los Barbudos

Melbourne’s winter has been exceptionally cold this season, with brutal cold winds, dropping temperatures and thick smog. It doesn’t assist in lifting our mood to go out and enjoy a cocktail. While most people want to be sipping  mulled wine to warm the belly, there is a better alternative. At the bottom of Gertrude Street in Fitzroy resides Los Barbudos, a Cuban-themed bar that makes one mighty mojioto, is serving some impressive winter cocktails.

In collaboration with Los Bardudos, Nuffnang and Havana Club, The Modern Connoisseur and a few other Melbourne bloggers where invited to experience their winter cocktails collection. To start the night on the right foot, it would be wrong not to order a mojioto. As expected, the quality and execution of the Mojioto was a delight. Making one of the best mojioto’s in Melbourne, Los Barbudos uses high quality sugar and gently infuses the flavours to make for one refreshing cocktail.

Climbing a flight of stairs from the bar is a little outside courtyard and food truck – Jabili’s Kitchen. Initially only being a three month pop up, Jabili’s Kitchen plans to stick around a little longer and offers guests modern African street food. The Za Atar Chips was a favourite nibbly amongst the bloggers. In addition to the menu options was the Voodoo Jerk Burger and Beer for $15 (between 5pm – 7pm). The braised beef with jerk bbq sauce is a treat – it combines fresh herbs and a delicious brioche bun. It hit the spot.

Tom, our host and one of the owners of Los Bardudos, went on to share his technique in making Spiced Rum. While you can purchase Spiced Rum at any good liquor store, making it at home is rather easy and allows for a personal touch. The key is having suitable rum and the right spice portions. It’s recommended to use a white rum base because it allows for better infusion. However, don’t aim for an expensive rum. Save that bottle for cocktails or gently sipped to mark a special occasions.

Hot Butter Cocktail

Dairy products may not typically be associated as an ingredient for cocktails, however the Hot Butter Cocktail will rightly put dissenters back in there place. To make this cocktail you will require butter, rolled into small balls and rubbed with sugar and ground spices such as cinnamon or allspice (optional). Place the ball into the glass, fill two thirds of boiling water and stir to ensure the butter dissolves. Add a shot of Spiced Rum and then with a slice of orange, extract the juice and orange slice into the glass. Done! A warm rum cocktail that distinctively tastes like cheesecake. Delicious!

Tom’s Apple Strudel

If a flavoured cheesecake cocktail doesn’t grab you, than perhaps Tom’s Apple Strudel is what the doctor ordered. Inspired by a cold remedy provided by his Eastern European girlfriend, he worked on the concoction to include rum that is steamed with apple juice, milk and honey. The end result is amazing. Served in what looks like a coffee beverage, this cocktail is a liquid apple strudel that will take anyone back to a favourite warm moment.

So before you consider purchasing another (same same) Mulled Wine, why not celebrate this exceptional winter with a warm winter cocktail at Los Barbudos. It is the right way to celebrate winter this season.

Opening Hours
Mon – Wed: 5pm – 12am
Thurs: 5pm – 1am
Fri: 4pm – 1am
Sat: 6pm – 1am
Sun: 3pm – 11pm

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