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Mojito Masterclass @ Los Barbudos

Words and photography by: Brunch Addict

It was a Tuesday night when The Modern Connoisseur entered Los Barbudos to learn a little bit more about rum in a mojito masterclass, compliments of NuffNang and Havana Club rum. The night started off with the owners of Los Barbudos greeting us from behind the bar. Tom Ambroz nervously started to  provide us with the run down on the history of rum starting with its origins, the Caribbean. It was believed that the history of rum goes hand in hand with that of the plantation slaves, who discovered molasses – a byproduct of the sugar refining process.

The more the Ambroz talked, the more obvious his passion for rum is. Prior to creating Los Barbudos both partners of the business traveled to Cuba to perform vital ‘research’ on the different sorts of rum and cocktails used by the locals. Havana Club was the rum of choice by the locals for standard cocktails and so it has become a house favourite on the shelves at Los Barbudos.

Ambroz then commences to show us how to make a mojito – Cuban style!

Mojito Recipe

2 teaspoons of sugar
30 ml of lime
45 ml Havana Rum


Add sugar, lime, rum, mint and a dash of soda. Use a muddler to gently mix and slightly bruise the mint to release the flavours. Top up cocktail with soda to taste.

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