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An explosion of art: Melbourne Festival is on again

Words by: Miss SL
Photography sourced from Google

The Melbourne Festival is on again and in full-flight, showcasing a range of dance, theatre, music, visual arts, multimedia and outdoor events with a varse of options to inspire and attract even the culturally faint at heart.

It is one of the world’s major multimedia arts festival in terms of its innovation of vision, scale, breadth and quality of the program and works displayed. Showcasing local, national and international performances and displays, this event promises and delivers the goods.

Some examples of the works on show include a heart-palpitating adaptation of Noel Cowards Brief Encounters, a tale of sudden romance and passion that weaves between black and white film, theatre and live dance; or the exhibition of a portfolio of four decades worth of photography taken across four different continents in Making Models: the collaborative art of Wendy Ewald.

The festival is not just for parents only – children are also part of the festivities with a Children’s Book Market and Pop-Up Patch at Federation Square, where the little ones can be taught about how to plant seeds and take home some samples to plant their own.

If you’re looking for something to culturally inspire you, or just a nice day out, take a look into the large programs of work that makes up Melbourne Festival’s calendar of events and shows.

Melbourne Festival is on now, running until 17 October. For the full program, please click here.

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