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Rekordelig Cider at Melbourne’s Night Noodle Markets

Line or no line, Melbourne's Night Noodle Markets is worth attending. Even if its for a refreshing summer Rekordelig Cider.

Words and photography by: Helena Michalak

It was a stunning day (thanks for getting the weather right Melbourne!) so it was perfect for the opening of Melbourne’s first Night Noodle Markets. I arrived an hour or so after it opened and there were people everywhere as we made our way to the Rekorderlig bar.

The atmosphere was buzzing and everyone seemed to be in a great mood. The only downside was the crazy lines for food and that there were a few too many people. The older I get, the less inclined I am to like being around huge crowds (except music. That’s always tolerable!)

Rekorderlig is a Swedish cider company that started in 1999 by Abro Bryggeri. Rekorderlig is single handedly responsible for getting me into cider and while some of the other flavours are a bit too sweet for me now, I was told their new flavour Apple-Guava wasn’t nearly as sweet.

Let me tell you, it’s really good! Perhaps Rekorderlig has been told their ciders are sugary, because Apple-Guava is delightfully refreshing on the pallet and a bit on the tart side. I could definitely have more than one!

The Melbourne Night Noodle Markets is operating from the 18 to 30 of November at the Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne. The markets will be open from late afternoon to night on each day (including weekends). For more information about the Night Noodle Markets, please click here.

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