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Who will be the One Million Visitor

The city wheel – found in many cities across the globe – is one of the key attractions to any visitor list. It’s the perfect vehicle to be suspended above the city heights and taking in spectacular city views – be it day or night. And Melbourne is of no exception.

Reaching heights of 120 meters and having 360 degree views of the bay, city and inner suburbs; Melbourne Star Observation Wheel in Docklands is the ideal attraction to experience breathtaking views. Whether you are travelling through our great city or a born-and-bred Melbournian, seeing is believing.

The wheel is the largest of its kind for the southern hemisphere and is designed with a unique seven point star that echoes the seven stars of the Australian flag.

Celebrating it’s third year since operation, the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel is increasing becoming its own star attraction. The 30 minute attraction has plenty to offer with views of bays and ports, romantic city lights at night or catching the picturesque summer set; creating the perfect moment suspend above Melbourne city is just a matter of jumping aboard.

In the next couple of months the Star will be hosting its one million visitor. This lucky entrant will win a trip to Japan worth $15,000! So grab your tickets to see if you are the lucky winner.

The Important Stuff

What: The Melbourne Star
Where: 101 Waterfront Way, Docklands
Hours: daily 11am – 10pm
Who: Melbourne’s observation deck of views across the city

Height: 120m

More information about The Melbourne Star can be found here.  To learn more about being the One Million visitor click here.

Melbourne Star, Observation Wheel is also operating on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, offering stunning and memorable views across Melbourne’s skyline on both of these occasions.

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