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Tequilas! Burritos! And all things Mexican!

Melbourne is becoming all things Mexican

Words and photography by: Miss SL

This Sunday is the annual Mexican Festival held at Federation Square and the good people at Mexican Festival, Square One PR and Mad Mex invited us to come and celebrate – Mexican style! Corona chandeliers and colorful ceiling ornaments welcomed us in in true festival style as we took our seats and enjoyed some authentically Mexican beers such as Dos Equis Amber Ale and Cerveza Pacifico Clara.

The team behind Mexican Festival welcomed us and gave an overview on the upcoming event. Celebrating Mexican Independence Day (16 September) the festival provides our multicultural city with the unique opportunity to celebrate the Mexican culture – in true Mexican style. With three months to prepare, the team have done an incredible job organising over 15 of Melbourne’s top Mexican restaurants including Blue Corn, Black Toro, Mamasita, Mad Mex and Touche Hombre. There will be beverages to be had at the festival, short Spanish leasons to particpate, as well as live entertainment to keep everyone on their feet. There is also something for the kids, with a full timetable of arts and craft activity.

So why celebrate Mexico? Well – why NOT celebrate Mexico. After all, they gave us a fresh Mexican food culture which simply isn’t going away. Mexican beer is stronger than ever and the food which becoming more and more accessible brings new life to the meat and three veg dish.

We were then treated to learning all about tequila – and the right way to have it! The proper way to enjoy tequila apparently is to sip it. Like wine and bourbon, tequila is stored in barrels. The more premium tequilas are kept in a barrel anywhere between three to 60 years! We tried three different tequilas at the event including Sauza Gold, Hornitos and Tres Generaciones, each with completely unique flavour profiles. Sauza Gold was more like the type of tequila we’re used to drinking here in Australia  – slightly peppery, relatively easy to drink with a slight oakey undertone. The Hornitos had a very distinct wine-like aroma. The flavour was powerful and suffocating – a flower bomb of petals and oak created a very hard-to-drink tequila that would perhaps be easier to have if accompanied by food. Finally, the third tequila was very smooth and had a beautiful oak-like flavour that was well-balanced. Beautiful!

The good people at Mad Mex taught us how to wrap our own burrito – and we have to say that it was hilarious to see the beasts that we created! What we did appreciate from the process (other than the skill the customer service reps had when putting our meals together) was how embedded healthy eating and sustainable living was in the company culture. From RSPCA approved chickens to gluten free wraps and eco-friendly cutlery, the team are dedicated to providing great meals with minimal footprint to the ecosystem.

The pre-Mexican Festival event gave us the inside scoop to the upcoming event on Sunday and it looks like it will be spectacular!

Mission’s Mexican Festival will be held on Sunday 15 September, 10am – 6pm. It’s a free event.

Federation Square (Main Square, Western Terrace & River Terrace)

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