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MFF: Sure Sign of Love

Where dating and star signs collide

Pisces: Friendly, romantic but hates being criticised 
Cancer: Very loyal, tenacious but dislikes revealing personal baggage
Virgo: Loyal, hardworking but prefers not to ask for help.

Whether you are a dead set true believer or dismiss the practice altogether, the zodiac signs and its predictions undoubtedly play a role throughout western society. They are the equivalent of a ‘future’ in the equity market (predicting the future price of a particular stock) that peers into the near future of our individual lives. Be it professional success, overcoming hardship or the possibility of a new romance bossing, it’s hard not to take a look – or share in the mockery – that is the prediction forecast.

In the modern day of dating with dating websites, Tinder, Grinder and others, it comes at little surprise that dating can get a little same-same; an incalculable number of potential people and a filter system that is commanded via a finger swipe.  But what happens if you add a star sign into the equation? Does it provide better clarity in choosing a prospective mate? Well, self-confessed star sign reader Elena Gabrielle shares her trials and trepidation of star dating in her latest performance:  Sure Sign of Love at The Butterfly Club.

The sixty minute performance is full of laughs as Elena eloquently pokes fun and raises awareness of dating the various star signs. Its Tinder meets the weekend zodiac of a glossy mag, with Elena being the referee as she lets loose of her experiences in search of that illusive ‘one’. Combined with a line up of celebrities making special appearances and the infamous Chopper hosting a Zodiac game show, prepared to be laughed and entertained. With plenty of whit and fearless comedy, Elena is highly entertaining and engaging as you learn a little about yourself and that love one – one star at a time.

The important stuff

VENUE: The Butterfly Club, Carson Place off Little Collins St. CBD
DATES: Tues 15 Sept – Sun 20 Sept
TIMES: 8.30pm
TICKETS: Adult $32, Conc $28, Tuesdays $25, Groups (6+) $25
BOOKINGS: Ph: (03) 9663 8107

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