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Easter is – for the most part – a time to rest and recover. A chance to reflect and confirm, that yes, we are all not dreaming and its April already! As Easter brings us the perfect occasion to consume an abundance of chocolate, food and drinks. There is another special occasion that occurs during the Easter period – the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF)!

Just as intoxicating and indulgent, Melbournians and passersby of this great city search high and low for the best laughs. While a lot of focus is shone towards the traditional side of comedy – that being a man/woman/puppet etc. speaking in front of an audience about their ‘special’ life encounters (usually about sex, drugs and undefined awkward moments), the festival doesn’t get enough public attention to the other types of comedic acts and performances.

Laughs come in all shapes and forms, not just the tales of sexual mishaps of comedians. MICF has a diverse range of theatrical performances that not only bring out the LOLs, but leaves the audience with a message. Whether it’s the personal struggles of life or the complicated subject of love and loss; these performances are uplifting, bold, funny and provoking.

With just about a week left of MICF, why not find your final LOLs in the form of a theatrical comedy performance. The Modern Connoisseur has put together a list of some terrific performances in their own right.

Vanity Bites Back

Helen Duff’s sole performance at the Tuxedo Club can be described as witty, charming, wacky and hard hitting. Tackling body issues, society’s fond love with food and mental illness; Vanity Bites Back depicts the tale of two woman lifes and a dark kept secret. From being a fabulous international cooking celebrity who lives in a castle to another woman whose one day attempt to find peace and relaxation is abruptly interrupted, the audience do witness a truly motivating journey.

Helen’s gorgeous British accent keeps the audience focused and entertained, performing a heartfelt story with a true human element. Boldly funny and with a good dose of audience interaction, the performance is uplifting and brave. There will be thumping and smashing of cooking utensils, berating the sound guy (poor bloke) and not to mention, Helen has a secret method in making a killer cheesecake!

The important stuff:
Venue: The Tuxedo Cat, 17 – 23 Wills St, Melbourne
Dates: Wed 25 March – Sun 19 April (no Wednesdays except 25 March)
Tickets: $22 full, $18 concession, $16 Tightarse Tuesday, $18 Group 5+
Times: Mon – Sat 6pm, Sun 5pm
Bookings: and at door

I am Not a Unicorn

Arguable the best performance title at this years MICF, I am Not a Unicorn is a fantasy parody about all things fairy tales. Directed by Maude Davey and performed by Emma J Hawkins, the performance takes on a life of its own that will make the audience laugh and cry from this little package but big performance. Who wouldn’t want to hear a story about a drunken Alice, an average train driver and a mystically animal with a horn in one show?

The important stuff:
Venue: Northcote Town Hall, 189 High Street Northcote
Dates: Tues 31st March – Saturday 18th April
Tickets: Full $30, Concession $25, Group/Tuesdays $20
Times: Tue-Sat 7.30pm Sun 6.30pm
Bookings: 9481 9500 and

Emilie Talyor – Backwards

As a kid, all we wanted is to be an adult with the freedoms and responsibilities that the world required. As an adult, all we want to do is delegate our authority and enjoy the good times. Emilie Taylor – Backwards, explores her new found youth and with it all the temper tantrums and questionable behaviour that a child freely conducts itself.  Whether it is seen as a celebration of youth, the funny side of being a child or provoking the question of whether we actual grow up, Emilie Taylor – Backwards will sure bring the comedic laughs.

The important stuff:
Venue: Northcote Town Hall, 189 High Street Northcote
Dates: 7pm, Wednesday 25 March – Sunday 19 April, 2015
No shows on Mondays
Tickets: Full $25, Concession $18, Group/Tuesdays $15
Times: 7pm
Bookings: 9481 9500 and

More Theater comedy events can be found at the MICF website.

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