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MICF – Set List

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Magicians have props, politicians have speaking notes, builders have working plans and comedians have a set list.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is in full swing with Melbournians indulging in many giggles, lols and rib hurting moments. A typical comedy show goes something like this: first there is anticipation from the crowd for the act to start, then the comedian appears with his or her act, the act is played out and the audience laughs. The act that we see has been thought out, fine-tuned and practice on many occasions in the private confines of the Comedian’s lair. It’s all quite stock standards in our books, but, there is one comedy show at this year’s festival that is shaking up comedy.

Set List (Stand-up Without a Net) throws traditional stand-up comedy out the window and imposes a new set rules. Each night there are five different comedians – plus a special guest – who will be provided with outlandish and ‘colour outside the lines’ topics which they must improvise to. With no material and no preparation; the strobe lights are set upon them and a budding audience awaits the funnies. It’s an exciting and thrilling hour of laughs and unexpected comedy moments; with even the comedians sometimes losing their shit to the subject titles.

During a Saturday night visit, Cal Wilson revealed that she apparently likes concealing thinly slices of ham into pages of books – for snack time at the library. Tom Ballard apparently has two mattresses with one called the ‘regret mattress’. Sam Simmons’ definition of ‘Groupon Slavery’ is stacks on with shackles and the purple muppet Randy had deciphered the Jesus’ book of Marital Guidance; the hot tip being that toilet seats must remain up – yes ladies!

Set List is an unpredictable and hilarious comedy show that is sure to bring laughter to all. It’s a show like no other, with original and funny content from each performer. With a diverse range of comedians pushed out of their comfort zone and well-crafted topics; it makes for one perfect comedy equation.

Set List will be showing on each night until the conclusion of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (19 April).

Times and venues:
Victoria Hotel
Tue & Thu-Sat 9.45pm
Sun 8.45pm

Melb Town Hall
Mon 8.15pm


For more information about Set List and to purchase tickets, click here.

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