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Brunch Alert! Middle Fish

Brunch is a defining highlight for any weekend adventure. It’s a positive story for those Monday morning conversations with colleagues and friends; be it around the common area or showing off your impressive food knowledge to the boss. The team at The Modern Connoisseur have been running Brunch Addict for almost four years. We like to think we know a thing or two about brunch.

An interesting aspect of Melbourne’s brunch is its diversity. For a market that’s quite crowded with strong existing competitors, Melbourne cafe operators – on the whole – continually push the boundaries on decor, location and quality of food and coffee. Cafes are continually refining their edge to differentiate themselves from the pack. This amount of healthy competition means there are more than just a handful of cafes offering an unique experience that customers will rave on about for days.

Middle Fish is one example of identifying a gap in the brunch market, and filling it with their unique style- Thai Brunch. With perfecting their Thai style cooking at their Middle Fish location and had a brief stint at Mr Nice Guy, the team are now turning their focus to brunch.  Moving away from the typically flavours and ingredients, Middle Fish offers some delicious and strong Thai brunch dishes.

While the menu does cater for the Western palate – Breakfast Roti with Avocado & Smoked Salamon Bagel – its their traditional Thai brunch and lunch that the true experience is to be had. Matched with traditional or Thai coffee with condensed milk or a freshly squeezed juice for when the sun appears, Middle Fish offers brunch goers a truely authentic brunch experience.

Opening Hours:

Sun – Sat: 8am – 4pm

22 – 128 Berkeley St.

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